Why I Support Obama

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[Letter To The Editor]

Growing up in an all white, middle income neighborhood in the 1980’s, I remember the first African American family moving into our neighborhood. I remember being upset because that meant our property values would soon be falling, crime would rise because they were obviously poor, simply because they were a minority.

Having never spoken or even seen an individual of color in person prior, I could only assume that my opinion was based upon what I viewed on television because my parents tried to explain to me how wrong I was.

Over the years, I remember growing to respect and care for our new neighbors. Jemal had a dream of becoming a state police officer. His sister I teased because I grew to find her smart and attractive. Their dad worked hard, if not harder then many of the other families the neighborhood.

I will always be grateful to my new neighbors for showing me how wrong I was. They have allowed me to fall in love with my fiancée, an African American female, and adopted two African American children that I would do anything for.

What does all of this have to do with today’s election? Over the last 20 years, the minorities in America have overcome many obstacles. You have become business owners, doctors, lawyers, and even have become a viable president of the United States.

It's time to put the Democrats and Republicans in Washington to work, to heal this nations problems, to balance the budget, to decrease poverty levels, and more importantly, getting Americans working together again, instead of the hate the Clintons continue to repeat daily of the Republicans.

Yes, I’m asking that you vote for Obama. Never before have the minorities had the opportunity to affect this countries future more then now. Help elect an individual who will try to heal this country.

Let's help teach future generations, what Jemal was able to teach me, that the color of your skin does not dictate who you are or how successful you can become, and that anyone can be President of the United States.


Mr. Boyd writes from Pittsburgh Pa.,
rboyd@qbon.com or qboncom@yahoo.com




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