Will America Trade Places With China?

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Believe me it’s not as absurd as it sounds.

China has an economy of approximately $4 trillion, the same size as that of Japan. The United States has an economy of $14 trillion.

China has a population of approximately 1.2 billion. Japan has a population of approximately 125 million. The United States has a population of approximately 300 million.

So the disparity in income, which still vastly favors the United States, is evident.

Yet the fact is that the United States is declining.  China is ascending.  While the dollar is collapsing, the Yuan is rising.  The heroes of Wall Street, some of whom believe in stealing from the world and giving to themselves, are driving the stock market higher because the dollar is collapsing. 


Well these patriots feel that with a collapsing dollar the products of American industry now relegated to computers, I-pods, Hollywood movies, McDonald’s hamburgers, and the theft of the world’s money by the American financial services industry, American goods will be priced less than Chinese goods.

So the income of Chinese workers will increase due to the increase in the value of the Yuan while those of American workers will decrease with the decrease in the value of the dollar. 

American goods will become cheaper.  This will power American exports because those ubiquitous plastic flip flops will be cheaper to produce in America than to produce in China. 

This is good news for farmers because American beef, pork and lamb will then be exported to China due to the dollar’s collapse.
This would be good news for the auto industry because with low labor costs and no pension benefits, the American auto industry would eventually be owned by Chinese and Indian companies. American cars will once again be exported throughout the world.

Americans will become healthier.  No longer will Americans be eating massive quantities of beef since they wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Beef will be reserved for the Chinese working class.

Americans could then eat lo mein for a change. A bowl costs only $1 in Chinatown.

Black Star News columnist Manfredonia was once a trader on Wall Street; now he’s on a mission to expose corruption on Wall Street.

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