Will U.S. Arm Al-Qaeda In Libya?

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[Black Star News Editorial]

So now the mission in Washington has turned from saving the civilians of Benghazi, or "Charlotte" as President Obama cynically put it on Monday, to whether to arm the insurrectionists in Libya, according to a frontpage story in today's New York Times.

At some point all lies and deceptions begin to get exposed. It's about connecting the dots.

It's all about the oil. The United States foreign policy has never been guided by morality or the world's "conscience" as President Obama said on Monday. If this were the case, the coalition of the "willing to invade countries with oil" would have done something to save innocents in Congo, and the Ivory Coast and Darfur. One million more Rwandans would still be alive today.

Do we even hear any talk of Darfur or Congo anymore in major corporate media? This is obviously not only a reflection on our corporate-dominated governments but also on our corporate-dominated pliant media. An analyses by any interested reader will see that corporate media coverage is often in congruence with U.S. foreign policy.

All you have to do is read statements and press releases from government or watch the news conferences by senior government officials and you pretty much know the lead in the newspapers the following day.

What is the reservation with arming the rebels? Why have they not been armed already beyond providing them air force coverage by NATO as is now the case?

Fear that elements of the rebels are actually members of Al-Qaeda, according to the report in the Times. Well isn't this what Muammar al-Quathafi said from the very beginning of the armed conflict?

Thank God for the Internet. Readers can do their own Google search and confirm that in fact al-Quathafi had warned that the West would be arming Al-Qaeda. Yet the greed for Libya's oil wealth is so phenomenal that people should not be surprised if the West, urged by France's Nicolas Sarkozy who is desperate to recover his political career takes its chances and goes ahead and arms Al-Qaeda. Sarkozy
now trails in polls Marine Le Pen leader of the ultra right National Front which is France's equivalent of the American Tea Party. Sarkozy is abusing U.S. resources to fight his political campaign, not in France, but indirectly through a Libyan "victory" to boost his poll ratings.

As for the oil? Yesterday The New York Times reported --even though buried on page 8-- that Benghazi through Qatar is already negotiating hundreds of millions of dollars worth of oil sales in territory it has seized. What was it that the bearded German intellectual said about the corporatists  manufacturing the rope with which they hang themselves?

When asked about the possibility of arming the rebels Obama told NBC: "I'm not ruling it out, but I'm also not ruling it in."

The American public must not be part of the coalition of the gullible. It's time to reject this war for corporate oil greed in Libya. It's time to demand for a genuine ceasefire by both sides in Libya and negotiations open to all Libyans so that they can create their new dawn and dispensation.

If the U.S. government does not care about the fate of Libyans, even as officials ponder what caliber weapons and rockets to provide Benghazi, at the very least Washington must have a little bit of decency and not tarnish the memory of Al-Qaeda's victims of 911.  Also have some respect for their survivors.

"Speaking Truth To Empower."

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