Winter Weight

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If you find yourself packing on the pounds as frigid weather
approaches, you are not alone. Statistics show people gain an average
of five to ten pounds during the winter. Fitness expert and author
Jennifer Nicole Lee has the reasons as to why people gain weight in the
winter and ways to tackle the pounds.

1) The Cold:
the winter people pile on layers of clothing. The result is you are
unable to see the flab and jiggles accumulating under the winter
layers. Lee suggests putting on a sexy outfit like a cut off top or
bikini at least once a week. Lee says the sexy get up will help you to
remember your body.

There are also psychological effects of the
winter. According to Lee the winter sets off a survival mechanism that
tricks people into thinking they need to eat more. Fight the urge to
scarf down an unneeded cheeseburger by keeping a food journal and
eating every two to three hours.

2) The Food:
It’s okay
to admit it; grandma’s homemade sweet potato pie is just too tempting.
Many people gain weight because of the holiday parties, family
get-togethers, and tasty snacks of the season. So what does the world
renowned trainer suggest for the winter; the classic portion control.
Life is too short to forget about good food all together. The trick is
to make a little go along way.

3) Stress
The holiday
season is a fun but busy time of the year. To help cope with the stress
of the overflowing to-do list, commit to daily stress re-leasers.
Exercise and meditation are great ways to let go of anxiety.

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