Would You Rather Be Mitt Romney or Steve Jobs and Bill Gates?

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[Black Star Editorial]

Multimillionaire Mitt Romney often boasts about his business savvy and how it makes him the most qualified candidate to replace Barack Obama as president.

Here is the question. Would you want to be Mitt Romney or a Steve Jobs and Bill Gates? Steve Jobs was a great visionary entrepreneur as is Bill Gates.

Inspired by their vision and talents, separately, and with different companies, Jobs and Gates birthed products that found a global demand. Had these men never existed some variation of the same products may or may not have been created.

Jobs was co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. He was instrumental in perfecting the aesthetic design and the marketing and sales. Co-founder Steve Wozniak was instrumental in the engineering of the personal computer.

Gates co-founded Microsoft with Paul Allen. As CEO and chief software architect Gates became a leader in the personal computer revolution.

There is no dispute that hundreds of millions of people all around the world love the products created by Jobs and Gates. Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of their products have sold and earned several tens of billions of dollars for these two creators and innovators.

Hundreds of thousands if not millions of jobs were created through the years around the world. Apple and Microsoft are words that are now known in every country, every city and every remote village in the world. The lives of many American families were improved due to the entrepreneurship of Jobs and Gates.

Not so with Mitt Romney.

Romney never sat down alone in a basement to create and refine a product that would revolutionize any aspect of the human experience. Romney grew up with a golden spoon. He was a beneficiary of the wealth generated by his hard-working father George Romney, a former governor of Michigan and CEO of American Motors Corp.

The senior Romney's connections ensured that Romney: attended the best schools; he vacationed anywhere he wanted; he ate the foods of his choice; he wore brand name clothes, and; has always been perfectly groomed. So Romney seems to have little empathy for average wage earners. How can he relate to the challenges they face? Romney recently boasted that he enjoyed "firing" people.

Regarding layoffs, Romney has said, "Sometimes the medicine is a little bitter but it is necessary to save the life of the patient." It's unlikely that the Americans unemployed because of Romney's actions feel comforted.

The U.S. unemployment rate at one point climbed to 9.6%. It's improved significantly by dropping to 8.6%. Some of the employment collapse resulted from speculative "investments" on Wall Street that later created the housing bubble which then created a domino-effect and mass unemployment. But there are also those who ended up on the unemployment line because of the actions of vulture capitalists like Romney.

Bain did so well that Romney is still paid millions of dollars annually; he last worked there in 1998. Romney has made so much money that he refuses to disclose his net worth, estimated at $300 million.

Becoming wealthy the way Jobs and Gates did, generating employment and value, while enriching their consumers' quality of life is one thing; Romney's slash-and-burn approach is something else.

Would you rather be Mitt Romney or Steve Jobs and Bill Gates?

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