Zambezi Extends Beyond ‘Gifting’ for Clients

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She’s being modest.

Zambezi Gift Co., the company she operates as CEO and President, actually isn’t limited to gifting. "Our giving oftentimes extend beyond material gifts," Williams notes. "We’ll often cross reference our clients. By that I mean we’ll introduce some of our clients to each other if they have businesses that compliment one another or if they can help one another. To me, that’s the ultimate in giving."

Orders are processed in a simple and quick manner -often with a telephone call or email message through her web site The business is named after the great river located in the South African region.

Williams followed the true path of many entrepreneurs, launching the business while holding a full time job. But with a college-bound son and two younger children in private school, a corporate position was still critical. Eventually, there was a turning point when Williams made a presentation to a potential corporate client. "As I showcased our products and explained how we can help the company with their business relationships through our gifting, I received a $3,000 order within the first 30 minutes," she recalls.

Today she boasts a list of stellar clients and gift recipients, including Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, B. Smith, Eric LaSalle, Phylicia Rashad and Wyclef Jean. Corporate customers include the Marriott Hotel, McDonalds, the YMCA and others. "We offer suggestions and work within any budget. I am confident that our clients truly appreciate the special attention that goes into each order," Williams explains.

Williams started with a modest budget of $200. Years later, she opened a storefront with a $35,000 investment. She used guerrilla tactics to raise capital -using a portion of her savings and borrowing against her 401(K) plan. She eventually wants to partner with an investor to help grow the business. Zambezi recently built an alliance with Tiffany & Co. to extend additional choices of upscale business gifts.

Williams takes meticulous care in gift-selection. She requires the gift giver to provide as much information as possible about the recipient - once she has an idea of the recipient’s lifestyle; she proposes a number of gift options to fit individual as well as corporate budgets.

Her business has grown primarily through word-of-mouth referrals of satisfied clients. "God has truly blessed us," Williams notes. "It is a great privilege and honor to serve others-especially when we are the vehicle in which our clients choose to convey their sentiments."

Visit Zambezi at the upcoming International Hotel & Restaurant Show at the Jacob Javits Center during November 13 -16 at Booth #2977.

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