Why Ugandans Deserve Reparations—in addition to Truth and Reconciliation—After Museveni’s Tyranny Ends

Dictator Museveni
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Gen. Museveni. No single person apart from King Leopold II may have been responsible for the deaths of more Africans than the Ugandan dictator. Photo: Facebook. 

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We have taken our time to commemorate the lives of the more than 100 innocent Ugandans who died when protests broke out on November 18, 2020, following the arrest of the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, alias Bobi Wine, while on the campaign trail in Luuka District.

We have taken our time because; we must place these deaths into historical context. 

Gen. Yoweri Museveni’s illegitimate regime admitted to 54 murders since the massacres were so widespread that they couldn’t be concerned. 

“54 people died in this confusion; 32 victims were rioters, some were hit by stray-bullets and two victims were knocked by vehicle registration no. UAW-827N that lost control after the driver was hit by stones and another vehicle with Presidential candidate Museveni pictures where the driver was hit by stones, also lost control and killed another person,” dictator Museveni, the master of deception said, hoping as usual that by admitting to some murders and providing some details he could then control the narrative.

This is Hitlerian and Joseph Goebbels type propaganda. Don’t deny the obvious but guide the story. If we parse through Gen. Museveni’s words, we shall find the subtext of ordinary people using the only weapons available to them: stones. 

We have been reduced to throwing stones as symbols of our assumed ineffectuality against a system which has monumentally excluded us from leadership, thanks to a maniac dictator’s grip on power through a medieval cocktail of: a personality cult; dispensing of patronage; nullifying independent civil institutions; and the premeditated extermination opponents.