MLB & NFL: Be Ready

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It is quite common to be nervous about unfamiliar territory, be it a job interview, college entrance exams, or the first meeting with a new book club crew.   The answer….prepare, prepare and prepare some more! Be Ready!

Be ready….Nats pitcher Strasburg to relieve when you normally start.  Hats off to the hometown team for flipping the script when the script needed to be flipped for the Wild Card game…

Be ready….to have the last run, scored on an error, over analyzed. Not only is the game a sum of its parts, a 162 game season certainly is….from April through September, opportunities exist not to be in a one in done in the first place!

Be move up the depth chart when your name is called better examples than quarterbacks Bridgewater, Jones, Haskins, Minshew, Rudolph & Allen

Be ready….to witness a glaring contrast in how organizations handle transitions.

It appeared as though Mason Rudolph had been trained, guided & reassured by the Steelers. Meanwhile the team from the nation’s capital placed Dwayne Haskins in the arena while simultaneously opening the lion’s cage…

Be ready…to see the percentage of overturned pass interference calls remain low.  It reminds me of parents that’ll say curfew extensions can be granted, yet very, very seldom actually grant them….

Be ready....for naysayers to scrutinize your career when you’re replaced by a rookie.  As bullish as I tend to be on Eli…there was never a problem with changing the guard, only with the reckless manner in which it was done.  No worries….those aren’t plays on Eli’s bench warming tablet, they are rough drafts of his Hall of Fame speech I’ve been writing! 

On a more serious note….I’ve been ready…to see the back of Vontaze Burfict!

With a melting pot consisting of football, a race to the World Series, first puck already dropped in hockey & basketball season around the ready, to have your head keep spinning!

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