NBA Moves -- Can Anyone Stop G-State Freight train next year? Nahhh….

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James Harden. Photo: Derral Chen--Wikimedia Commons.

There’s nothing quite like a road trip to both clear you mind & have it wander as you roll along the interstates looking for a visual display welcoming you to the next state.  Btw, if you don’t know by now that Georgia and the peach have a unique bond then you must reside under that proverbial rock!

By the time you arrive at your destination….in my case—miss you already N’awlins!.....several matters have been worked out yet some remain perplexing—the kind that without hesitation, leave you shaking your head:

Hands down the negative side of social media is the boldness anonymity brings. It is a headscratcher to understand how a person can be the baddest in the land….behind a “send’ button.  It is what makes a well deserved clapback a beautiful thing.  So when gymnast Simone Biles gave a troll some news they could use in response to a “bad role model” comment….I had to take a coupla seats to regain composure after chuckling so hard!

NBA wheeling and dealing continues…..

Boston is positioning itself to move beyond being a bridesmaid in the Eastern Conference.  Existing players, draft picks, and acquisitions combined are looking to put a ring on it in the very near future.  As GM Danny Ainge maintains a poker face, only time will tell if the moves will dethrone the King and his court.  However, what we already know is….the Celtics certainly didn’t worsen their chances. 

It made zero sense to me why the Houston Rockets handed James Harden a fafillion dollar extension with two years left on his contract.  But I’m going to attempt to trust the process & see how this all pans out over the next few seasons….in the interim, Harden will have to balance counting all of his zeroes with working on a revamped game plan with new teammate Chris Paul. 

Meanwhile, gasps and shaking of the head were present when the #1 draft pick, Markelle Fultz…was sidelined due to an injury.  Not again! In a strange twist, Philly seems to have picked up where Portland left off in the bad luck department.  The good news is….everyone seems to be on the mend---hoping they are able to move the team’s needle in a positive direction this season.  

My appreciation for strategy leads to this train of NBA thought….do any of the moves made by the other 29 increase the odds of stopping the G-State freight train next year?  Nahhh….

So they say that Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge is a rookie….they even say his batting average was a mere .179 last year.  Yet after watching him demolish ball after ball in the All-Star Homerun Derby….so much headshaking made me dizzy!  Not only did the number of homers he put up astonish….the distance—oh my!  If not for the windows at Marlins Park, a few of those balls were South Beach bound.  The newcomer showed he was more than just hype….like his effortless swing…his follow-through didn’t disappoint!

My hometown Nats will be hosting All-Star festivities next year.  Catching the Homerun Derby up close & personal occupies a spot on the to-do list.  Better start searching and saving for tix now…something tells me the prices are going to have my head shaking from this very moment until next summer!

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