NFL, MLB, NCAA & NBA: No Bad News

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From the moment Mabel King, Evillene the Witch in The Wiz, belted out the lyrics to “No Bad News” it became an instant favorite…as a song and one of life’s mantras...Don’t Nobody Bring Me “No Bad News”:

Visions of trophies have replaced sugarplums as minicamps remind us that the real deal is around the corner, but first there’s preseason ball.  Players, coaching staffs, front office personnel, and fans all hold a collective breath that the conclusion of a practice or game does not bring bad news with it…..

Aside from the unfortunate nature of an injury, it is rare for teams to weather them and defy them simultaneously….unless of course you’re this season’s edition of the New York Yankees.  Bad news has kept players in rotation on the team’s Injured Reserve list, yet the pinstripes have managed to put and leave division foes in their rearview mirror….

Heck in some cases, the corner has been completely turned.  Sixteen consecutive losses later, suffice it to say, seeing the Yanks on the schedule of my hometown Orioles is nothing but bad news!…..

He will eventually choose one of the 30+ league approved helmets.  Retiring was never truly an option.  To do so, translates to lack of a platform from which to serve up a heavy dose of  #84.  If the preseason is any indication..the only news out  of Raiders Nation will be Antonio’s Princess Diaries:  West Coast Edition...

Bad news is…systemic racism has an ugly head & periodically rears it without hesitation.  Good news….monsters can’t maneuver without one.  So when the NCAA attempted to implement a rule requiring agents to have a college degree…it was promptly and appropriately dubbed the Rich Paul Rule, dealt with head on & met a timely death!

Rooting against the Patriots comes as easily to me as cupcake division championships come to them.  Their newly reinstated wide receiver, Josh Gordon though?  There’s no one I’m rooting for, off the field, more than him….fingers crossed that nothing but good news flows his way! 

Having the skill set in one hand and a body that betrays you in the other is devastatingly bad news.  Here’s hoping Boogie Cousins finds a way to come back better than ever & that retirement brings the peace that continuous rehab couldn’t to Andrew Luck! 

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