White Sox’s Ken Williams: MLB's Lack of Diversity Hurts

Ken Williams said this summer that he had reason to believe things would be different.
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Ken Williams said this summer that he had reason to believe things would be different.

In an emotional interview posted by the White Sox, the team's executive vice president and architect of the 2005 World Series team shared stories of his own experiences with racism as the United States wrestled with these all-important issues following the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis.

"What has surprised me — and I've got to say thank you to the people of all different backgrounds I've seen out in the streets saying, 'Black Lives Matter,'" Williams said in the powerful interview. "I had given up hope that in my lifetime I would see substantial gains in this area."

"Black people alone cannot erase racism, no more than Black people could have solved slavery on our own. We need white people to do that."

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