NBA Playoffs: 2 Be Continued

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Kevin Durant

These first few days of May find us on the brink of warmer weather and in the mix of the second round of NBA playoffs:

OKC Thunder--LA Clippers….right after leaving every viewer teary eyed from his MVP acceptance speech, Kevin Durant slowly but surely led his team to a lead in the series against the Clippers.  The whipping OKC took from LA the first game….in particular at the hands of Chris Paul—who seemed as though he couldn’t miss a three point basket if he tried…was all but a distant memory to Thunder fans.  Never fear, Clippers fans….I didn’t  think LA was ready to wrap up their season so soon….they fought back from a double digit deficit to tie the series…wouldn’t be surprised to see this one go down to the wire in a Game 7!

SanAntonio Spurs—Portland Trailblazers….after learning of this matchup, I gave a slight nod to Portland…thinking youth would be the advantage needed to give them a bit of a nudge over San Antonio.  Thus far, it has only helped them stay in the game and produce threatening runs …only thing is, they’ve still been on the losing end of those runs.  I believe Portland will get a“w”….they’re much too talented not to…but what I thought would be the Spurs in 6 has been updated to…Spurs, who’ve been playing at the top of their game, in 5!

WashingtonWizards-Indiana Pacers….the hometown Wizards have been the focal point of wagging tongues since the playoffs began---that same wagging picked up a head of steam after Game 1 when the Wizs went into Indy’s backyard and began to dismantle the hopes and dreams of Hibbert and Company.  But the team that hasn’t been able to get out of its own way wasn’t throwing in the towel.  Indy has fought back to gain a lead in the series.  Still expecting this one to go down to 7!  The winner?  Number one seed and all, I’m not entirely sold on the Pacers being over whatever has been ailing them…this one is too close to call though.

Miami Heat-Brooklyn Nets….the King’s court has been kind to him and fellow teammates…but to the fellas from one of NYC’s grooviest boroughs?—not so much.  Brooklyn heads back home hoping their court does them the same favor.  As quick as I am to proclaim Kevin Garnett as my favorite player…I’m just as quick to declare my belief in karma.  The cold shoulder given by Paul Pierce and KG to former teammate Ray Allen at last year’s meeting…has come back full circle—Allen has outscored the total points of Pierce and Garnett combined…did I mention, since the first tip of their respective playoff games…of which Paul and Kevin have played three more games?  I really believe Brooklyn is spent…having used so much energy in getting pass the Toronto Raptors, who took them through a highly contested series…all the way to a nailbiting game 7!  The Nets were able to cash their existing goose eggs into 1 win…they better hope karma backs off and allows lucky to enter the arena again.

Because it is never…not…football season….2 Be Continued takes the form of “welcome to the big league” to all the drafted players who have seen their love of the game and years of hard work catapult them to the next step…the NFL.  We’ll be seeing you in a few months….Best wishes to each and every one of you!!

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