Nets Are Punishing Kyrie for Last Year, Not for Antisemitism

The Nets ownership are now getting back at Kyrie for what happened last year when the team was bounced early from the playoffs.
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It is becoming quite clear that the Brooklyn Nets' tarring-and-feathering of Kyrie Irving has little to do with antisemitism—and everything to do with punishing him for the Nets failed fortunes last year.

In the aftermath of Kyrie’s five-game suspension, the Nets announced a list of things that Irving must satisfy to return to the court. Yet still, there is much reporting that the Nets are done with Kyrie.

Since this seems to be the case, why are the Nets pretending that Kyrie could be welcomed back into the Nets fold?

Some have observed that the requirements the Nets have put on the table will not be fulfilled by someone like Kyrie who will not grovel like others do for a million-dollar paycheck. And it is apparent the Nets are fully aware of that given what transpired last year when Irving refused to get the Covid vaccination and lost millions in the process.

The Nets requirements include: (A) apologize\condemn the movie (B) give a $500 dollar donation to an anti-hate cause (C) receive sensitivity training (D) receive antisemitic training (E) meet with ADL\Jewish leaders and (F) meet with Nets owner Joe Tsai.

We know Kyrie has already apologized and that he offered the $500 donation to the ADL, which they refused. But the Nets know that when it comes to receiving antisemitic training and sensitivity training that won’t happen.

What the Nets are doing here is attempting to make an example of their ungrateful Black millionaire employee by using maximum humiliation.

For one thing, there are many wealthy sports team owners—making a killing off Black sports labor—who are not at all happy with the increased power that some of their Black athletes have been flexing lately. Black athletes are supposed to be so happy to be millionaires that they are expected to do just whatever their billionaire bosses say.

Blacks are expected to show genuflected gratitude when they have jobs in white America, especially when they make a lot of money.

The Nets ownership are now getting back at Kyrie for what happened last year when the team was bounced early from the playoffs. Kyrie’s refusal to take the Covid vaccine, and all the negative press that it generated, is the real reason for the Nets hard-line stance here. This whole episode about antisemitism is just a convenient cover to publicly torture Kyrie for the Nets dismal failures last year.

Let’s recall that the Nets made the decision—after Kyrie refused to take the Covid vaccination, to satisfy the New York City Covid mandate—that he could not play in away games, even though he was eligible to do so. Here they were reminding Kyrie that they, not him, were the bosses. They tried to force Kyrie into submission. But Kyrie didn't submit. The decision to not allow Kyrie to play in those away games was clearly meant to force him into behaving himself and taking the vaccine.

Obviously, that didn’t work, and the Nets were further disgraced when they decided to reverse themselves and let him play in those away games, as they saw their season’s hopes for playoff success fading fast as the Nets slid in the standings.

It is now clear the Nets management and ownership never forgave Kyrie for making them look so pathetically weak as an organization. After all, the employee is never supposed to have the upper hand in any employer\employee—master\slave—relationship. Workers should never be able to defy white employers, though the Nets owner is Asian.

It is even worse when said employee is a Black man, who should feel eternal gratitude for having his millionaire job.

Other NBA owners are no doubt welcoming the Nets’ treatment of Kyrie because these, mostly white, billionaires believe that far too many Black athletes are starting to take the rebellious route of a Colin Kaepernick by speaking up for themselves, for Black America, and for social issues and the like. Let’s remember this: many of these white owners who make billions off Black bodies still support backward hateful white supremacist political policies that harm the very Black communities that their labor pool comes from.

The Nets and other NBA owners want to make a crucifying example of Kyrie to cower others back into behaving themselves like good Black servant boys.

Unfortunately, for the Nets, and the NBA, Black America is paying attention to their hypocritical treatment of Kyrie.

And we don’t like what we’re seeing.

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