NFL & NBA Men Behaving Badly --Greg Hardy, Rex Ryan, Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban

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It was a Thursday night….another round of trivia and another week of the NFL were about to begin.  That’s when it happened….a teammate asked, “what happened to the Bills?”…”Rex Ryan happened to the Bills”  was my reply….to which my teammate shrugged and said, ”I think you’re right”.  

Don’t get me wrong, I have zero against Rex Ryan.  What I do possess though is a fairly good sense of assessing situations…and sometimes people….which have run amuck: 

May as well start with Coach Ryan---I tend to favor less talking and more doing.  Let what you do speak for itself and quite often the message comes across loud and clear.  In a nutshell this answers the question as to why Rex immediately comes to mind.   He gets an average score in terms of his actual profession.  On the downside, his sideshow like antics overshadow any amount of achievement he’s had on the gridiron.  It is hard to imagine he puts the same zest into coaching….especially on the offensive side of the ball….as he does into performing.  Outcome generally matches work ethic….and if that were the case, his results would shine bright like a diamond versus the all shine, no substance of a cubic zirconia. 

Greg Hardy---We get it!  As much as the league would like its fan base to believe it takes social issues to heart, the presence of Greg Hardy reinforces there’s always an exception to the rule.  And the exception always, always, always is applied to outstanding performers.  If that weren’t the case, Ray Rice would be on somebody’s roster today!  I’m not a fan of Hardy losing his job.  I’m also not a fan of the powers that be acting as if his behavior is status quo and doesn’t warrant consequences. Speaking of another player’s wife in such disrespectful terms is so incredibly low it is beyond comprehension.  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones can save his breath on labeling Hardy a leader…..hmmm, a newcomer to the locker room…who missed the first few games due to previous poor behavior….who re-introduces himself with asinine comments and equally asinine sideline behavior…is less leader, more donkey!

Now that the NBA season is underway too, it didn’t take long for their episodes of behaving badly to emerge….

Mark Cuban---as a successful businessman many times over, I’m quite sure there have been deals that were moments away from being sealed…and then for whatever reason, nothing!  The guy or gal on the other end of the phone decided they wanted to go in another direction.  Apparently the whole mention of Clippers DeAndre Jordan and a phone could send Cuban into a spin that would make the Tasmanian Devil look on in amazement!  Could DeAndre have handled the situation better? From the details that have been released….certainly. Should Cuban stop behaving like a teenage boy who found out his prom date was no longer his prom date through a Facebook post…most definitely!  It is old. It is tired.  And if the outcome of the  first matchup of the Clippers vs Mavericks was any indication, DeAndre made the right decision! 

Free Throws---It wasn’t long before chatter surrounding the Hack-A-Shaq rule entered the picture.  For the rule’s namesake and others to dismiss the whole concept as a lack of creativity, I can only beg to differ.  Winning strategies incorporate exploitation of an opponent’s weakness.  And shooting free throws as if you are being guarded…double teamed even…is a glaring weakness.  Okay, okay let’s put a positive spin on things…it is an opportunity for improvement. Doing so will put a hard stop to consecutive starring roles in the last two minutes of the game…. Just saying….

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