The Real MVP

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It is like watching an episode of “To Tell The Truth” unfold before our very eyes.  Right on the yearly schedule, NBA fans are finding themselves engrossed in the debate of who should be the season’s MVP.  Some years have shown a clear cut, runaway winner and others have been a lot tighter…this year’s contest falls in the latter category.  As the regular season begins to wind down…the contenders appear to be so close, we may be in for a photo finish:

Because it is the NBA, the name LeBron James must be mentioned!  King James finds himself in tough company though… Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook and James Harden are showing up and showing out every time they hit the court!

On the grounds that he’s the best player in the world, I’m ruling LeBron James out of the competition.  I know…for someone who respects logic this sounds like nonsense.  Simply put, I EXPECT LeBron to elevate his teams and take them to a place that had been far, far away…the playoffs.  By contrast, his previous teams are left in disarray and find themselves struggling…history has proven this.  Therefore, I have no doubt he could take me and three others handpicked from my family reunion on a run to the championship title!  

If all current players were rolled into one, I know they’d still fall short of the razzle dazzle displayed by Golden State’s Stephen Curry.  The guy is nothing short of a treat to watch.  One minute fans…and head Coach Steve Kerr…are holding their collective breaths…the next minute, there’s nothing but fist pumping and bumping in the stands!  A worthy contender for sure!

He may have a reputation for not letting even the ground touch the ball…but Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook has found himself sharing a spot on the possible MVP list.  I too have wondered whether he is driven by a competitive spirit overall or purely fueled by a perceived competition with the team’s star, Kevin Durant.  Yet, when a player’s output has his name mentioned with the likes of none other than Oscar Robertson…I’m inclined to care less what drives him, and only hope it continues!   

I’m casting my imaginary vote for James Harden of the Houston Rockets.  With the exception of a well deserved suspension, Harden seems to do everything right.  As a side note…that particular game between the Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers was hands down one of the best I’ve seen this year!  Back to Harden…his numbers speak for him in a very loud volume!  He’ll weather the storm of splashes from the northwest & even multiple triple doubles from the plains…

When the question is asked…”Will the Real MVP please stand up?”….it will be James Harden taking his place at the mic!

In other news….This time next week, I’ll be holding a perfect NCAA bracket in my hand.  March is here, let the Madness begin!

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