Black Star News Publisher Predicts Quick Knockout of Tyson Fury By Deontay Wilder -- His Sports Writer Disagrees

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Wilder is his victory over Ortiz. Photo: Wilder's Facebook page

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There's a big treat in a few hours for boxing fans frustrated by the long wait for a super fight between Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder, W.B.C. Champ and Anthony “A.J.” Joshua, W.B.A., I.B.F. ,I.B.O.

Tonight there's a mega fight. The mega pay-per-view Championship fight between Tyson Fury 27-0 with 19 knockouts former world champ, 6’ 9” and current W.B.C. Champ Doentay Wilder 40-0,39 k.o.’s.,  6’7.”

This fight between undefeated ring giants will take place at the sold out Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, on Saturday, December 1, 2018 with both confident fighters predicting knockout victories.

During the many Press Conferences the threats and trash talks escalated between them, obliging Commission officials to keep them separate during the weigh-in. Wilder weighed a surprisingly low at 212 ½ pounds and Fury a much heavier 256 ½ pounds.

The betting favorite is Wilder due to his 39 knockouts in only 40 fights and also because Fury had a history of drugs and alcohol abuse which caused him to lose two years of his boxing career and his titles after he defeated Wladimir Klitschko on November 28, 2015. Tyson Fury who is named the “Gypsy King” is really making a boxing comeback.

Fury claims that his 3 victories in his comeback fights, his height, punching power, and ability to out-jab Wilder and his speed, will be the road to victory and that he will become a world champ again. Is that enough when the actual punching power is “owned” by Wilder who is a total finisher when he hurts an opponent?

Lets Analyze: Tyson Fury is a tall, awkward type of fighter with questionable defensive skills since he carries his hands low, sometimes wind milling his punches, and could be easily hit. Years ago he was almost knocked out by soft hitting light heavyweight, Steve Cunningham for a nine count in Madison Square Garden, Manhattan. It was April 20, 2013 in his New York debut; but he came back to win by k.o. in the 7th round.

Could Gypsy King Fury survive a lethal right hand cinder block-like power punch from Wilder? The unanimous consensus of opinion is absolutely not.

On the other side of the ring is Deontay Wilder a knockout crazy fighter who oft-times throws caution to the wind with no sense of defense looking for that knockout.

The Luis Ortiz fight is a classic example of Wilder’s defensive recklessness in the Barclay Center, March 3, 2018. Trying for a knockout he was battered by Ortiz from the very first round. Even after he knocked Ortiz down in the 4th round Wilder still wildly swinging went after Ortiz receiving a battering until he finally k.o.’d  Ortiz in the 10th with his right hand, his savior.

This fight in my opinion is “pic-em” until the first bell sounds, and then I will see if Milton Allimadi, my Publisher at The Black Star News and coordinator of Guerrilla Journalism, an avid boxing fan, is correct in his prediction. A few weeks ago,  he stated confidently to me: “Deontay Wilder will knockout Tyson Fury in the first round." Bold prediction! Although now he seems to be hedging a little, because Tyson Fury has come in good shape.  

I am not convinced that Deontay Wilder will have an easy title defense against Tyson Fury although I do expect him to win by knockout. If Wilder wins by decision it will be a total embarrassment for him.

If Tyson Fury wins by knockout or decision it will be a global ring career disaster that Wilder will never overcome no matter how long he continues to fight. Then it will be newly-crowned W.B.C. Heavyweight Champ Tyson Fury who will  fight the other Heavyweight Champ Anthony Joshua in a unification title fight, 2019.

A Tyson versus Joshua fight would be to the liking of Eddie Hearns, Joshua’s promoter who seems reluctant to match him against Wilder.

Tyson Fury, wins a decision.  Black Star News readers what do you think?

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