Canelo, The Strong Young Bull Defeats Skilled Cotto -- Deplorable Scoring Though

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Cotto versus Alvarez -- many feel lop-sided scores preposterous

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Boxing analysts make predictions based I assume, on their interviews, viewing public workouts of the fighters, researching their life history, and of course networking with rest of the media community.
Many times they are correct in their predictions and of course, sometimes they are wrong.
In this case, the mega global duel in the sun of Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Mandalay Bay Arena, on Saturday, November 21, 2015, I “picked the wrong horse”, but I wasn’t too far from being right.
With all, of Miguel Cotto’s mongoose like skills, orchestrated by trainer Freddy Roach, I was convinced that he would utilize all of the physical advantages that Canelo possessed and defeat this young bull by using them against him.
Surprisingly Canelo practically rushed out of his corner at first bell throwing punches at Cotto which I assumed were to intimidate him, or knock him out early.  Cotto stood his ground and boxed very cautiously scoring repeatedly with his jab making Canelo miss many times.
 That was the mode of this much anticipated championship fight for the W.B.C. & Ring Magazine Middleweight Title. Cotto won the first 3 rounds by his boxing ability, and avoiding Canelo’s hard punches.
 By the 4th round after strong and angry instructions by his trainer, Chepo Reynoso, Canelo began to advance towards Cotto with bad intentions landing solid head and body punches that slightly hurt Cotto as the sellout crowd, mostly Canelo fans screamed in approval expecting or wanting a knockout by their hero.
The fight between Cotto and Canelo developed round after round into a classic slugger against boxer as Cotto stuck to his plan, boxing, moving from side to side confusing Alvarez, while he just continued to move forward almost like a one man “search & destroy” military platoon.
Alvarez did hurt Cotto several times during those rounds from the 4th to the 9th, but Cotto boxed his way out of danger sometimes frustrating Canelo who   missed badly with his wild punches.
It appeared to everyone present including the ringside commentators that Canelo was winning the fight because of his aggression, and hard punches that made a lot of noise as Cotto blocked most of them as he continued to box effectively.
This fight in my opinion was a mystery as to who would be the dominant force round to round even though Alvarez was the aggressor most of the time, as both faces began to display the wear and tear of this classic battle for middleweight supremacy. The winner would then challenge Gennady “3G” Golovkin next year 2016 for all of the Middleweight Crowns, and leave one champ standing.
The overwhelming physical strength, height , arm reach, and harder punching of Alvarez were beginning to take its toll on Cotto but he valiantly fought back against all odds.
Throughout the final 10th ,11th ,12th , rounds, Cotto perhaps in desperation or because Alvarez began to tire became the aggressor jabbing repeatedly and throwing punches in combinations surprising the celebrity filled audience, but he was cut severely on his left eye.
The eye cut slowed down his momentum but he still won the 12th and final round.
True gentlemen and respectful warriors, Canelo and Cotto embraced and congratulated each other after the final bell.
 Very concerned about his family, Miguel Cotto immediately left the ring to console his family after the decision was read that he had lost this classic battle. As a doting husband, son, and father you could see him hugging his Wife, Mother, his 2 sons, and wiping away his daughter’s tears, assuring her that he was alright.
The decision favoring Canelo Alvarez was a surprise to me at least, because when I tallied my sheets, I scored the fight a draw, 115—115. The fight in reality was that close although to everyone present Alvarez won easily because of his thunderous punches many of whom missed, hit elbows and made a lot of noise.
I question the fight Judges’ votes, which were overwhelmingly in favor of Alvarez. Judge Burt Clements voted—118-110, Judge John McKay voted---117-111, and Judge Dave Moretti voted---119-109 unanimously all in favor of Alvarez. I have to ask what fight were they watching?
At the post fight ring interview a very teary eyed Alvarez congratulated Miguel Cotto on being a great champion, and expressed relief and happiness that he was finally able to please his fans and his country, Mexico with this victory.
A jubilant Alvarez also stated that he was ready to fight 3G Golovkin anytime. “In fact” Canelo stated, “I would fight him right now to clear up the middleweight puzzle because I am not afraid of anyone in the ring and I want to fight the best.”
Saul “EL Canelo” Alvarez, now 46-1-1, 32 knockouts and the W.B.C. Middleweight Champ appears to have exorcised the Floyd Mayweather defeat demons and is now ready to move on to bigger and more lucrative fights.
In the meantime, it is back to rest & recuperation for Miguel Cotto, 41-5, 33 k.o.’s to ponder his boxing future. As a 35 year old veteran of the ring this slam dunk boxing Hall of Fame inductee and, already a multi-millionaire with his own promotion company, could retire to the delight of his family.

EDITORIAL COMMENTARY: How could Judge Moretti practically award all of the rounds to Canelo by a 119-109 vote when Cotto fought so valiantly and did win rounds? Even the other votes were also questionable.
If the judges were to award Alvarez the decision and the title it should’ve been a closer and fairer vote by 115—113 or a split decision to either fighter by the same count.
This type of questionable voting does justify the need to upgrade the boxing judges by sending them to seminars on how to judge fights.
My Black Star News readers, what is your opinion?
Miguel Cotto a rejuvenated boxing warrior thanks to Freddy Roach who continuously gave him the right instructions round by round fought the right fight but truth, be told he was up against a stronger heavier person who looked like a Light Heavyweight instead of a Middleweight.
Perhaps Cotto’s error was punching while he was “bouncing” or still on his toes. When you throw a punch you must have your feet solidly on the canvas to maximize knockout power. If you are bouncing you lose that power. That is why Cotto was not able to hurt Alvarez although he hit him repeatedly.
It is very important that if the boxers enjoy the luxury of weighing-in the day before their fight, and comply with their contractual weight agreement, they should not weigh more than 5 pounds of their agreed weight on fight night. State Athletic Commissions should study this dangerous problem and correct it.
The media writes repeatedly of the Mexican vs. Puerto Rican boxing rivalry but never mentioned 2 standout Puerto Rican boxers who practically destroyed a Mexican community all by themselves.
 Ivan “Iron Boy” Calderon, Puerto Rican, former 3 time, Flyweight Champion defeated 20 Mexicans, and also Puerto Rican, Wilfredo “Bazooka” Gomez, former 3 time Super Featherweight Champion, knocked out all of his 11 Mexican rivals until he himself was knocked out by the great Mexican champ, Salvador Sanchez.

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