Disastrous Ring Results for Kell Brook

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Disastrous ring results for Kell Brook

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Distinio Lois, Jr.

As the fight experts predicted a veteran welterweight-147 pounder-kell Brook could not defeat a seasoned full middleweight-160 pounder-Gennady Golovkin.

This past Saturday, September 10th 2016 in London at the K-2 Arena, 3G Golovkin severely battered Brook for 5 painful rounds until his own corner man Dominic Ingle -Brook’s Trainer- threw in the surrender towel to stop the fistic slaughter.

From the very first round the deadly, determined and methodical Golovkin stalked Brook throwing caution to the wind and firing lethal punches from all angles landing a left hook on his right temple. That punch followed by a right to the body staggered Brook almost knocking him down.

The fight appeared to be over in the first round, but Brook fought back against the ropes, moved away, jabbed and survived the round.

When the 2nd round bell sounded a still hurt Brook defensively used his jab and threw a series of combination punches momentarily stopping Golovkin’s fistic head and body aggressive punishment as he moved out of harm’s way. This round-the 2nd –was the only one he won in this short lived championship fight.

During the 3rd and 4th rounds although Brook fought back bravely he was absorbing heavy punishment from a middleweight Golovkin, who actually-my opinion-punches like a heavyweight.Gennady Golovkin no doubt is today’s “Hands of Stone” having scored 23 straight knockouts.

Golovkin reminds me of other heavy-fisted fighters from the past to the present such as, Joe Louis, Florentino Fernandez, Rory Calhoun, Eder Jofre, of course the original Hands of Stone, Roberto “Cholo” Duran, George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Canelo Alvarez, and Deontay Wilder. Any punch they would throw including a jab would seriously hurt their opponents.

From the first round I noticed that Golovkin seemed to change his usual battle plans of jabbing at his opponent accurately to set the mood of his attacks as the fight progressed. I saw a 3G that was desperately looking for a quick knockout at all cost, and the result was that Golovkin was hit repeatedly by a retreating agile and speedy boxer-Kell Brook, and getting hurt.

For the first time in a long time since the Gabriel Rosado fight in 2013, Golovkin’s face was bruised and he was bleeding from his nose. I could hear his trainer Abel Sanchez telling him repeatedly, “Slow down, just use your jab, body punch and the knockout will come.”

But round after round Golovkin would just rush forward throwing wild punches connecting with some, missing with many and getting counter-punched by Brook who hit him with several hard upper-cuts to the delight of his London fans.

Although Brook fought back he was hurt by Golovkin and was bleeding from his nose with a severely swollen right eye and in between rounds he was telling his trainer Ingle that he could not see from his right eye.

After absorbing a street fight beating mid-way through the 5th round Ingle threw in the towel signaling referee Marlon Wright to stop the fight although Brook protested briefly while the fans-Brook supporters-booed loudly.

As a precaution Kell Brook was sent to the local hospital and it was revealed that he suffered a fractured right orbital bone in the first round which supported the lack of vision in his right eye. “I saw five 3Gs after he hit me with that left hook” stated Brook. He then declared perhaps in a state of foolish bravado that he would’ve wanted to continue fighting and “go out on my back like a true warrior and champion”.

Brook still the I.B.O. 147 pound champ stated that from now on after he recovers from the eye injury which may need surgery he will campaign as a Junior Middleweight-154 pounder-and challenge for a title fight at that weight level.

Golovkin stated at the post fight press conference that he wanted to “make it a street fight knowing that he could not hurt me, but I got careless and he hit me with some good punches.”

Golovkin then stated that while he has to wait until Canelo Alvarez has his fight with Liam Smith and decides to fight him, he wants to challenge Billy Joe Saunders W.B.O. Middleweight Champ or try to keep busy defending his 4 belts against Chris Eubanks.

In the other championship fight across the pond we witnessed a toe to toe fistic war between the 2 elite Super Bantamweight giants in the boxing world. Carlos “El Principe” Cuadras W.B.C. Super Bantamweight Champion, 35-0-1, 27 knockouts, lost his crown to Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez, 45-0, 38 k.o.’s by a very close but unanimous decision.

The fight or better classified as a phone booth center of the ring combat was a barn burner from the very first bell through the 12th and final bell with the winner very much a mystery. Black Star News felt it might’ve been declared a draw. It was unfortunate that some one’s “0” had to go.

Chocolatito Gonzalez from Nicaragua, was the victor over the Mexican Cuadras due to his superior punching power and round to round come at you aggressiveness as Cuadras continuously backed up and clinched the entire fight receiving repeated warnings from the referee.

No doubt, Cuadras defended his title well but Gonzalez was the better all-around combatant in the ring that night scoring punches in bunches and hurting Cuadras forcing him to hold repeatedly as he tired in the later rounds.

Gonzalez’ face displayed bruises for his victory, a cut right eye, badly swollen left eye, and a bloody nose but nevertheless he was the clear victor on all of the judge’s score cards, 117/111, 116 /112, 115/113.

Black Star News concurred with a vote of 115 / 113, for Gonzalez but questioned the vote by Judge Cathy Leonard of 117 / 111.

Roman Gonzalez is now classified as an elite pound for pound fighter in boxing by winning his 4th consecutive world title, while a disappointed Cuadras demanded a rematch stating that he felt he won the fight since he hit Gonzalez more than Gonzalez hit him, and he was stronger at the end.

If you noticed a similarity in savage aggression and fighting style between Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez and Gennady 3G Golovkin it is because they both train in Big Bear Training Camp, California, and 3g Golovkin has become Gonzalez’ mentor.

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