"Jay Z's Roc Nation Sports & Miguel Cotto"

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“Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports & Miguel Cotto”

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Distinio Lois, Jr.

Jay Z the Hip-Hop World’s biggest impresario has joined forces with W.B.C. Middleweight Champion Miguel Cotto to promote his next title defense on Saturday, June 6, 2015 at the “new mecca” of boxing, Barclays Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Champion Cotto, 39-4, 32 knockouts, will be challenged by former 2-time world champion Daniel Geale, 31-3, 16 k.o.’s of Australia. Miguel Cotto although slightly disappointed that he could not contract Madison Square Garden due to the fact that he defends his title on the eve of the National Puerto Rican Day parade, at the Garden, expressed delight because he not only is still fighting in New York, but now in the new Barclays Center, and still in front of his New York fans.

“I am not only happy to be back in New York with all of my fans but to also happy to fight in a new arena that I could also call home”, stated a smiling Cotto.

A confident Cotto further said, “I have trained very hard to be ready for this tough competitor Geale a former champion so that I can retain my crown, and take it back home to Puerto Rico. I know Geale wants to take my belt to Australia, but I will not let him do that”.

A smiling Danny Geale who looks more like a Choir Boy in the “hurt business”, stated,“ I have been in this business a long time, and enjoyed the status of being a world champ twice having fought the best. Miguel Cotto has given me the opportunity to be a champ again, and although I appreciate it, I am going to win and be a champion again”.

The fight with Geale represents a tough test for Cotto since he is still a smaller man physically, and weighing only 153.6 pounds, while Geale a full middleweight, weighed in at the contracted “catch-weight” agreement of 157 pounds.

Since fighters today are allowed to weigh in the day before the actual fight, Danny Geale could probably gain more weight than Cotto, giving him a height, reach, and weight advantage over him.

Champion Cotto a smaller but very rugged hard hitting ring gladiator who reminds me of the great “Raging Bull”, Jake La Motta, has won 4 world crowns in 5 weight divisions-the first Puerto Rican to do so-does not seemed to be concerned about Geale’s physical advantages.

“I have been in camp for ten weeks with my “teacher” Freddy Roach and everything that we have to do to defeat Geale by decision or by knockout, is in place. I will win”, declared Cotto which was echoed by Roach.

Who is really going to be victorious in this fight by ex-Olympians who represented their country-Cotto, Puerto Rico- Geale, Australia-in the same Olympic year 2000 in Sydney, Australia, but never fought until now.

As much as Cotto is the betting favorite and has better “tools” than Geale, this is really a “pic-em” fight since many regard Cotto as a small middleweight and in his championship fight knocking out Sergio Martinez to win the title, many experts feel he didn’t prove anything because Martinez had been severely injured, having sustained 3 surgeries, and spent 2 years re-habilitating, before he returned to the ring to fight Cotto, losing by a 9th round knockout. Martinez has since retired from the ring.

Danny Geale on the other hand although a tough, 2-time world champ who defeated the best European fighters was knocked out very easily by W.B.A. Champion Gennady “3G” Golovkin in the 3rd round. Is that the same fate that awaits him when he fights Cotto?

We will have to wait and see since his promoter Gary Shaw stated that Geale worked very hard in training camp sparring with strong fighters like up and coming middleweight Toreano Johnson in a “war like” fashion to prepare him for Cotto.

“Danny Geale is ready to shock the boxing world defeating Miguel Cotto, and he will take the Middleweight Title back home to Australia”, declared Promoter Shaw.

Cotto now owns his own boxing promotion company in Puerto Rico, Miguel Cotto Promotions, has an interest in Ecko clothing line, presides over his charity, “La Fundacion El Angel”-The Angel Foundation-to combat child obesity, and to also help educate our young children.

He seems to have indicated that this 3 fight contract with Roc Nation Sports will probably be leading towards his retirement from the ring.

“I am now focusing on building up my businesses and foundation and of course spend more quality time with my Wife, Mother and children.

Training camp is of 3 or 4 months duration and now that they are growing into young adults I have to be home. I owe it to them”, stated a nostalgic Cotto.

Evidenced by the way Hall of Fame Trainer Freddy Roach has prepared Miguel Cotto-“military fashion”-, and coupled by Cotto’s vicious “take no prisoners” punishing way of a fighting style, he should be victorious.

He could then challenge, Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez, and Gennady “3G” Golovkin, fulfilling the balance of his contract with Roc Nation Sports and return home to his Family like any soldier returning home from the war.

Boxing is really a “War”!

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