Mayweather: Say It Ain't So, Floyd

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Mayweather; say it aint' true

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Could Floyd Mayweather Jr. end up in the slammer again; this time for a very long time?

The news report on TMZ Sports isn't good for the pound-for-pound boxing star.  The two former employees who allege Mayweather orchestrated and was involved in their brutal beating by a gang have retained attorneys, TMZ reported.

The unnamed former employees are reported to have been hired by Mayweather to do some work in his home in Las Vegas; afterwards, Mayweather discovered that some of his jewelry was indeed missing. He suspected the two workers were the thieves.

Mayweather then, contacted the two men several weeks ago and told them to meet him at an off-site location. When the men arrived, TMZ reported, they claimed that the boxing champ was waiting for them along with a few of his “friends”, who then immediately proceeded to beat them severely with “various weapons, including clubs.”

TMZ reported that the attack was so brutal that the victims could’ve died; they suffered broken arms and legs and were hospitalized for several days.

Another source was quoted as saying that the beating was, “some breaking bad shit”, as Mayweather realized that the men never took any of his jewelry.

Even if he didn't participate in the attack, if, as reported, Mayweather arranged the meeting, he could be charged with kidnapping, mayhem, and attempted murder; although the two men have retained lawyers, they've yet to contact the Police.

Four X-ray pictures posted on TMZ Sport's website appear to show broken arm and hand bones

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