Questionable Decision at the Barclays Center

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Questionable Decision at the Barclays Center

BoxingGlove Notes

Distinio Lois, Jr.

How could a boxing match be promoted as a mega fight of the year between the 2 elite welterweights of the division, Keith “One Time” Thurman and Shawn “Showtime” Porter and after a torrid phone booth almost middle of the ring and on the ropes war, the loser is ‘gifted’ with a unanimous decision?

This decision by “The 3 Blind Mice” ring judges all concurred with a score of 115-113 in the biggest robbery since the Brinks Armored Car heist, denied Porter his well-earned victory over his boyhood friend, Thurman.

From the first bell and no doubt during the interviews at the press conferences and public workouts Porter’s mission-that he chose to accept-was very clear, he was going to be the aggressor and pound Thurman along the ropes and that is exactly what he did.

Thurman the warrior champ that he is obviously fought back but he was outgunned by Porter for at least 7 of the 12 rounds as he back-peddled to survive Porter’s punishing onslaught from head to body and from body to head.

Thurman’s counter-punching skills, hard punching and ring generalship were on display at the highest level against the never say die, take no prisoners Porter but sadly they were not enough, this ‘one time’, Thurman lost.

I could see the looks of frustration and doubt although determined to survive on Thurman’s face who suffered a cut eye wondering from round to round what he could do to stop this run-away freight train of destruction coming at him from all angles.

His brilliance and warrior mentally prevailed but only sporadically staggering Porter with his lethal knockout punches but they were not enough to deter a determined Porter in his quest to win the coveted W.B.A. Welterweight Crown from Thurman and finally be recognized as the top dog of the 147 pounders second to none.

The 1st round disappointing to some of the over 13, 000 fans in attendance which included Heavyweight champ Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder, Middleweight champ Danny “Miracle Man” Jacobs, retired former Middleweight champ Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez, and Reverend Herbert Daughtry , Pastor of the House of Lords Church, was perhaps a passive round as both warriors kept their nervous energies in check as they began to put their individual plan A battle plans to work as they studied each other.

This was probably the only even and passive round of this torrid fistic war by these 147 pound gladiators, because the war began in the second round non-stop to the 12th and final round.

This ring battle was like Ali vs. Frazier’s “Thriller in Manila” in the Phillipines in October, 1975, but it resembled more the Roberto “Manos De Piedras” Duran vs. Sugar Ray Leonard welterweight battle named “The Brawl in Montreal” in June 20, 1980 for the W.B.C.147 pound title, then owned by Leonard.

Duran pounded Leonard as he held him on the ropes as Porter did to Thurman hurting him repeatedly with a volume of head to body punches. Leonard fought back like Thurman, but it was not enough as he lost a split decision to Duran.

From round to round Porter would move forward as Thurman back peddled trying to stop Porter’s advances with his lethal counter punches, but Porter would block them as he body-punched Thurman on the ropes most of the rounds.

Strangely enough, Porter seemed to tire around the 6th round, suffering a cut on his right eye in the 7th round as Thurman now moved forward stalking and hitting Porter almost at will causing the fans to roar as they sensed a Thurman knockout.

In the 8th round, Porter hit Thurman with a left hook to the mid-section causing him to almost double-up as Porter hit him again forcing Thurman to hold as he tried to retreat and survive the attack.

It seemed then that Porter was taking back control of this even fight as he pounded Thurman as the fans now thought that the knockout was going to be scored by Porter.

But that was not to be as these valiant ring gladiators living up to their never say die D.N.A. fought on almost even terms throughout the 11th & 12th championship rounds but with Porter hitting Thurman with more hurting punches.

This fight was indeed a Fight of the Year candidate that if the decision was a draw the fans in attendance would not have booed so loudly even though they felt that the winner was Porter, no doubt.

The three 115-113 judge's score, was correct because the fight was very close, but the wrong hand was raised in victory.

The diplomatic but disappointed Shawn Porter indicated that he felt he had won close, but he was happy because the decision “left the door open for a re-match if Keith wants it”. He further stated, “We are still friends and no doubt the 2 best welterweights in the world”.

A relieved Thurman displaying red welts on his face stated, “I want to thank Porter for giving me the toughest fight of my career forcing me to dig deep in my reserve to survive. I most definitely will honor a re-match, I not only owe it to him, but to the fans as well”.

It was a good fight night and no one was defrauded although many felt Porter won in a torrid fight as compu-box indicated that 1,200 punches were actually thrown by both fighters in this action filled 12 round fight.

The other 8 fights were also very good with Brooklyn’s own Heather “The Heat” Hardy remaining undefeated winning her 17th straight fight defeating veteran and tough opponent, Kirstie Simmons by a unanimous decision in a hard fought fight.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: There was great concern about Keith Thurman’s neck injury after an automobile accident which caused a postponement of his fight with Porter, but after the 2nd round Thurman did not display debilitating effects of his injuries and the fans were gifted with a classic championship fight.

Many of the older fight fans leaving the Barclays Center remembering the classic great fights of years gone by of the 15 round distance, were wondering if special elite fights like the one that they just witnessed between Thurman and Porter could be promoted at 15 rounds.

That certainly is food for thought since a 15 rounder of special fights like the proposed one of Gennady “3G” Golovkin vs. Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez for the Middleweight Championship would be a great candidate for the longer distance especially if it is on pay-per-view.

As promised by promoters Lou DiBella and Al Haymon, the Greatest, Muhammad Ali was honored in a memorial ceremony and the customary 10 bell count in a moment of silence.

Although we still have 5 month ‘til the end of 2016, we’re not going to see the much wanted Thurman vs. Porter re-match until perhaps 2017. These ring gladiators need some much needed “R. & R.”

It is anticipated that the other 147 pound crown holders like Danny “Swift” Garcia and Kell Brooks as well as the other welterweight title hopefuls like Timothy Bradley, Adrian Broner, Earl Spence, Jr., Amir Kahn, Andre Berto, etc. would begin a boxing round-robbin to get into this exciting welterweight championship derby.

Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter started it so now it is up to the rest to continue to add some additional excitement to the Welterweight division.

Barclays Center boxing calendar: Saturday, July 30th 2016, Leo Santa Cruz vs. Carl Frampton---W.B.A. Super Featherweight Title fight and Danny Jacobs vs. Sergio Mora---W.B.A. Middleweight Title fight.

So stay tuned my Black Star News readers.

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