Round Six: Black Star Writer Predicts Canelo K.O. Victory over Khan

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Rebounding from the once-again impasse of contract negotiations with Gennady “3G” Golovkin, Ring Magazine, Lineal & W.B.C. Middleweight Champion Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez, 46-1-1, 32 knockouts will defend his crown against Amir “King” Khan, 31-3, 19 k.o.’s , former W.B.A.,I.B.F. Junior Welterweight & W.B.C. Silver 147 Pound Champion on Saturday, May 7th 2016 at the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Khan a natural 147 pounder perhaps to no surprise to anyone accepted this risky boxing challenge to “jump” 3 weight divisions to fight Alvarez because he was actually-my thoughts-ignored or even by-passed by the elite fighters in his 147 pound level.

The now retired ring icon Floyd Mayweather made no secret that he didn’t want to fight him and the others like Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, Danny Garcia, Kel Brooks, Timothy Bradley, contracted to fight other boxers, but not Khan.

It seemed that Amir Khan has become the modern day boxing’s Brides Maid and never the Bride.

It’s apparent that upon receiving this lucrative pay-per-view offer from Canelo Alvarez, Khan immediately accepted by-passing the odds against him.

Could Khan upset the boxing world and defeat Canelo Alvarez. Let’s analyze.

Amir “King” Khan was an Olympian Silver Medalist at 17 years of age losing to Cuban Olympic veteran Mario Kindelan in the 2004 Athens games, in the lightweight division. He compiled an impressive amateur fight record of 101-9. Khan made his professional debut July 16, 2005, with only 3 losses, but 2 by knockout.

Under the tutelage of veteran trainer Virgil Hunter who also trains Andre Ward, Khan has shown great improvement offensively, defensively, some punching power, stamina, and confidence.

Could these be the tools that will lead Khan to victory over Alvarez who has displayed frustration, lack of stamina, in the later championship rounds when he has fought boxers who are not stationary targets.

Canelo has had problems with boxers who move a lot like Austin Trout, Erislandy Lara, Shane Mosley, Matthew Hatton, Miguel Cotto, and of course ring master Floyd Mayweather, leading us to believe that his opponent of choice is a flat-footed slugger like him who will fight phone-booth style such as James Kirkland, Alfredo Angulo, and Josesito Lopez who were knocked out by Alvarez.

Compiling all of these odds and ends, and advantages or disadvantages for both fighters this fight whets the appetite of the fans and of course the experts as to who will be victorious although Khan is the overwhelming underdog.
In my conversations with Khan his responses to me seemed to be an attempt to convince himself that he was doing the right thing. “I am not doing it for the money I am well off already.

This is a challenge of a life time to win a 4th world crown against the future Golden Boy of boxing, and make history.”

Amir Khan then stated that his walk-around weight was at approximately 165 pounds, but that extra weight is the one that he actually must burn off when he goes to training camp to prepare for a fight at his natural 147 pound level.

The catch-weight weight contract to fight Alvarez is at 155 pounds, will Khan weigh-in at 147 pounds, that should be of great concern to him, Virgil Hunter, and the Boxing Commission to avoid any injuries. Fighters today are allowed to weigh in the day before the fight approximately, 30 hours before fight time allowing fighters to gain more weight.

Canelo Alvarez has weighed in as much as 173 pounds on fight night after complying with the 155 pound catch-weight agreement in previous fights.

In my day-I fought amateur and pro for 13 years-we had to weigh in on the afternoon of fight night so consequently we did not gain too much weight remaining very close to our contractual weight agreement.

Could Khan repeat boxing history by imitating Hammerin’ Hank Armstrong and win 4 consecutive world titles in a row despite the odds against him?

Canelo Alvarez is a very strong, super confident hard hitting, flat-footed bully-boy boxer who will look to knock you out from the first bell even though he does display some boxing ability, but very little patience. Those are the odds that Khan is up against, and can he over-come them.

I sincerely don’t think so because King Khan is fighting a ferocious take no prisoners ring destroyer in Alvarez who patriotically is carrying the weight of his fellow Mexican countrymen on his shoulders celebrating Mexican Independence Day, and he cannot afford the “luxury” of losing.

Black Star News sees Canelo Alvarez scoring a knockout over valiant but outclassed Amir Khan in the 6th round after subjecting him to a brutal beating.

Fighters fight for history-making glory and of course, money so are we to assume that Khan’s quest is simply history making since he has a net worth of 30 million dollars and his Canelo purse will be between 13 and 15 million dollars plus pay-per-view? Evidently, despite the expectant loss he will still win.

The big loser will be Canelo Alvarez whose net worth is only 27 million dollars, if he losses to Khan and then he will be eliminated from fighting in the new fight of the century with Gennady 3G Gennady because Khan will then replace him.

So fight fans spin your roulette wheel of boxing and select your winner because in boxing no matter what the odds are any underdog fighter has a puncher’s chance to win.

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