College Football 2014 Is Playoff Bound

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In the first ever playoffs this year for college football; will it be Florida State?

After so much ado….and so many years, I’ve managed to lose count—the NCAA has cried “uncle” to the intense arm twisting it has suffered….at the end of each and every regular season—in particularly right before the championship game contenders were named.  2014 will be the first year of the college playoffs system!

As the first week of NCAA football wraps up, it is official….we—meaning college football teams from coast to coast and everywhere in between---all remain on a direct path to the playoffs…and what a wonderful feeling it brings! 

No doubt the complexion of things will change as the season continues…most likely revealing a different set of hopefuls on a weekly basis.  For right now though…we’ve—meaning fans, this time---been chomping at the bit so hard waiting for the season to begin, our thoughts have not travelled that far.  At this very moment the temperature has not changed enough for the crispness in the air normally associated with football to emerge.  In its place is a swagger held by all college football fans…after all, we are destined for the greatness of being an inaugural team to this new fangled system.  Even those who were not victorious this weekend believe in their heart of hearts that there’s plenty of time to turn things around for the better. 

It will come as no surprise that I am feeling it too for my University of Oklahoma Sooners!  No need to discuss in detail my record for championship predictions…it is somewhere around 1-29 but who is counting?  I wouldn’t be a true fan if I didn’t set expectations high year in and year out…even if some of those years are a bit more realistic than others.

Wrapping up the first week’s sights from my korner of the world…..

Defending champs Florida State Seminoles looked incredibly vulnerable as they fought off a surge from the Oklahoma State Cowboys….not only was I rooting for our intrastate rival, I couldn’t help but think of how exciting it would be to turn everything topsy turvy the first week—an unranked OSU beating the preseason ranked #1 team…in what is quickly becoming THE place for all things entertainment, AT & T Stadium, also known as the home of the Cowboys but more commonly referred to as Jerry’s Place…would definitely qualify as an upset!

On that same note, Alabama’s Crimson Tide didn’t exactly roll over an unranked West Virginia University Mountaineer team…not only would it have been nice for the young members of the Big 12 to leave Atlanta with a “w”…anybody that beats Alabama is a-ok with me!!  Wait…a wave of happiness just came over me as I flashed back to our victory over ‘Bama earlier this year, not too far from Bourbon Street at the Sugar Bowl. 

Ok, back to this new and exciting season….

If there was one thorn about the season’s first week events…trust me, as anxious as I was about the season, it was hard to find…it would have to be kicking off the season with a conference game.  By no means am I crying a river over the Gamecocks of South Carolina losing to the Texas A&M Aggies…only pointing out how great games can be had---two top 10 teams, perhaps?—without starting things off with a rival.  It’s the equivalent of having an exam the first day of class—ugh!  The two aforementioned games Seminoles vs Cowboys and Crimson Tide vs Mountaineers are bonafide proof…even with one of the pair not being ranked…that an exciting game can unfold!

Don’t know about you…but I’m buckled in and totally ready for all the thrills college football season holds in store!! Boomer Sooner!!!




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