No Uncertain Terms

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Since roughly week 12 or 13 of the regular season, I had been having a rough time seeing anybody beat the Seattle Seahawks….the team I didn’t factor into the equation, was the Seahawks themselves!  A number of days and countless hours have gone by since the first night of February and my gridiron sensibilities remain offended….

First things first….congratulations to the New England Patriots for their 4th Super Bowl win!

Now back to the scene of where foolishness prevailed…..

I am certain…the law of probability exists for a reason---the chances of scoring from the one yard line…with one of the league’s best running backs on the field, wearing your team’s colors are good, great even!

I am certain…had the bonehead decision worked, it would have resulted in a bonehead decision that worked…thus, it was a bonehead decision no matter the outcome….

I am certain….regardless of how many times Seattle has executed that play on previous occasions…there is a time and a place for everything…going against the previously mentioned law of probability in the Super Bowl, while trailing, with little time on the clock…is so NOT the time nor the place!

I am certain…it was a case of being cute when it really wasn’t necessary…like wearing pumps or gators to the gym…absolutely no need, just get in there and get it done already!

I am certain…that the game is still the sum of its parts.  No doubt the last play of Seattle’s offense had a lasting impression….however, about midway through the game, they’d managed to get a case of that same anemia that had hampered them in the NFC championship...points were left on the field well before the last few seconds of the game….

Before Tom Brady gave keys to the new truck over to the Real MVP, Malcolm Butler….conspiracy theories surfaced as to why the call was made in the first place.  Was it really to have a hand in pushing the guy next door Russell Wilson to the forefront…just a tad bit ahead of the ever controversial Marshawn Lynch?  I do not know.  But I am certain….if the theories are true, this is a classic case of counting chickens before they hatch! 

In the end, no matter how good or bad a Super Bowl is…its buzz only lasts about 2-3 days.  Soon after, fans start talking “next year” trash about their respective teams.  My son, a die hard Cowboys fan, has to be counted in this group.  Today might be the time for us to have “the talk”….the one about karma that is! 

Because I am certain…Cowboy nation will continue to suffer as long as Jerry Jones denies Jimmy Johnson his rightful place in the Ring of Honor! Just sayin….

Now that the NFL offseason is officially underway, perhaps what I’m most certain about ….there is a long, long time between February and August!!

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