The Change We've Been Waiting For

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Have you ever tried something new,  like a restaurant perhaps, and became so smitten with the place you found yourself asking…”where have you been all of my life?”  Well that’s exactly what I was feeling and saying…out loud mind the first NCAA undisputed champion was crowned last night.  Congratulations are in order for THE Ohio State University Buckeyes for so many reasons:

First and foremost …the obvious…for winning the championship!

For overcoming setbacks and tragedy….injuries to two quarterbacks and loss of a teammate…en route to claiming their rightful place in playoff championship history…

For showing that the rumors surrounding the death of the Big 10 are far from the truth…

For showing there is more than one way to skin a cat…while Oregon stormed through the season scoring in the ballpark of 42 points as if it were a walk in the park…Ohio State’s slower yet, methodical offense posted 42 on the scoreboard while the Ducks ended up settling for less than half of that….

To Coach Urban Meyer and staff, specifically, for making the dynamic Oregon offense a non-factor…all the speed in the world is quite ineffective from the sidelines…

To qb Cardale Jones for being a fine example of being prepared, if and when your number is called….high school, college and even a handful of pro players should be taking notice…

On the flip side, things we didn’t learn from the game…

Rumors surrounding qb Cardale Jones turning pro immediately began flying---that notion may be a bit premature…as awesome as he was, another year or two of development wouldn’t hurt the kid…of course that is what I once said about one former Duke Blue Devil Kyrie Irving, and we all know how that turned out…

The debate over the Buckeyes jumping the TCU Horned Frogs was by no means settled… both teams made quite a resounding statement in their final appearance of the 2014-2015 season…in the end, this is a classic case of “it is what it is” ….

Admittedly, for the most part I remained neutral as the debate over implementing a playoff system began to gain steam…now that we’re on this side, I am elated.  When President Obama first uttered this phrase he was speaking about much bigger things….given that he’s a sports fan I hope he won’t mind me applying the words now…the playoff system Is the change we’ve been waiting for….

Oh, and SEC Nation---yes we can have a championship game without you…yes, we can!…









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