Amir Khan May K.O. Malignaggi

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[BoxingGlove Notes]

When the WBA Super Lightweight Championship fight between current champ Amir Khan and Paulie Malinaggi, former two-time world champ, was announced it generated boxing excitement because the two most glamorous fighters at that weight division were finally going to meet, with Khan defending his title.

Of course the magic was intensified because it was going to held in the Madison Square Garden, the mecca of boxing world wide, on Saturday, May 15, 2010, which was also a fulfillment of a dream by Khan to not only fight in the United States, but also in the Garden where all of those great boxing champs of the past like Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Muhammad Ali, fought.

Throughout the weeks there were press conferences, and public workouts by both fighters, and visits to landmarks, like the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and ringing the bell in Wall Street. Today, on the day of the official weigh in, at the Essex House Hotel, Mahattan, all diplomacy went out of the window as a near riot ensued due to too much trash talk, which according to eye witnesses, included racial insults.

The tendency for the near riot was building up. Khan's supporters and Malignaggi supporters  were jawing at each other to the unfortunate delight of the the other persons present who did not anticipate what happened after Malignaggi and Khan weighed in and faced off for the camera and the press.

Malignaggi who evidently is a graduate of the Floyd Mayweather Academy of Trash Talk, began insulting Khan, evening leaning his forehead on Khan's.

Words were exchanged and according to eye witnesses who didnot want to be identified the punches were thrown when Malignaggi allegedly called Khan a "terrorist" since Khan is a British fighter of Pakistani heritage. He was born in Bolton, Lancashire, England.

Malignaggi's and Khan's supporters --better known as "Khan's Army"-- rushed the stage.  Thanks to the intervention of Richard Schaefer, C.E.O. of Golden Boy Promotions, and Lou DiBella, President of DiBella Entertainment, calm was restored and the weigh-in was concluded.

The real fight --in the ring--  determines a winner for future opponents of the same weight classification, such as Champ Lennie Bradely, and Ex-Champ Juan Urango. The extensive community of 140 pounders,  include the newly elected Phillippine Congressman, Hon. Manny Pacquiao.

Amir Khan, 22-1, 16 k.o.'s, is an ex-Olympian silver medalist who lost to Mario Kindelan, the Cuban veteran in the Gold Medal round; he then defeated the Cuban in a rematch. In my opinion and observation of the public workouts, he seems to have the edge over Paulie Malignaggi, 27-3, 5 k.o.'s.

Khan is bigger, faster, and has a longer consistent jab. His k.o. ratio is better than Malignaggi's who has only recorded 5 knockouts. In addition, Khan has had the advantage of being trained by Freddy Roach who also trains Pacquiao; his method is to train a fighter to fight 12 rounds.

On the other hand Malignaggi, although fast and a constant jabber, seems to fight only in spurts. Khan fights the entire three minute round, scoring points, and punishing his opponent in the body.  Malignaggi has a tendency to play to the crowd, wasting valuable time.  Khan is a determined warrior, and totally focused on his mission; victory. Malignaggi stated that he was the best fighter Khan was going to face; he claims Khan will never return to the U.S. after he knocks out the Briton.

Khan will retain his title by a unanimous decision over Malignaggi. A knockout is not out of order since Malignaggi cuts easily.

The undercard will showcase a world of young boxing talent and veterans such as former undisputed IBF, WBA, WBO, Lightweight Champ, Nate Campbell fighting Victor Ortiz a top and exciting junior welterweight in the semi final.

Undefeated Daniel Jacobs local middleweight sensation from Brooklyn, vs Juan Astorga, and local undefeated heavyweight sensation, Tor Hamer among others. Another surprise fighter is Breidis Prescott from Colombia, fighting an 8 rounder against Jason Davis. What's noteworthy is the fact that Prescott is the fighter who knocked out Amir Khan in 2008 in the first round.

According to Freddy Roach, Khan's trainer, he suspects that this was simply a phycological ploy to upset and rattle Khan. Khan and Roach just laughed it off because as Roach said, "Malignaggi is nervous because he has never fought anyone of the devastating calibre of Khan who will knock him out."


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