Bonds Threatens Babe’s Record

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All this furor and up roar as Barry Bonds moves up the home run ladder list isn't really about him breaking Hank Aaron's all time homerun record. It’s about surpassing Babe Ruth’s.

Bonds surpassing Ruth amounts to African-Americans conquering all the mountains in the homerun area. Bonds already has not only the single season record of 73, but has the most homeruns hit in a season by a southpaw batter.

When and if Bonds tops Ruth's 714, he then becomes the all-time left-handed hitting homerun king. So African-Americans will have both sides of the plate covered and conquered. I hear Baseball plans not to salute or make note of the milestone. That was the remote badge of merit whites could still claim about Ruth—most homers ever by a southpaw batter. And don't forget our Latin Brothers. Because as far as the 60 homeruns in a season issue, Sammy Sosa did that three years in a row; yes, THREE. Babe Ruth only once.

Now after they told you Aaron played in more games, came to bat more and played more innings and seasons than Babe Ruth they'd always throw in, “Well Babe is still the all time left-handed hitting homerun king." Not so anymore when Barry passes him. And that is the real fear, furor and focus from white America. They ain't, okay, are not, all that really worked up about him catching Hank Aaron. The real hurt and pain is the Babe getting completely overtaken.

Now as for the love for Aaron. Well. You remember how nice Hank was treated when he was approaching Babe Ruth's record. Well, what about the over 1,000 pieces of hate mail he got a day, every single day, Sunday included. And all the stories about his more at bats, more games played and how he wasn't as colorful as Babe.

And all the pennants Babe's teams won. And how now that he was approaching the record he, Aaron, seemed to be more vocal and taking a stand on civil rights issues in and outside of baseball. The same issues he always spoke about but nobody paid attention to until he became a household name.

And the signs at the ball parks, with the N word. And don't forget the death threats. Yes the daily death threats. Kind of tough to hit Tom Seaver, Bob Gibson or J.R. Richards when you might get shot from any angle and from any ball park in America. The only shots Babe was concerned about were the ones he was drinking.

Hey, look Aaron had issues and serious concerns about playing in Atlanta when the Braves moved from their beloved Milwaukee to the South. The Braves originally started out in Boston. Aaron had faced blatant racism so candidly when he was in the minor leagues in the Sally League. Aaron was by far the best player in the league and was so outstanding that white parents stopped bringing their kids to the games because they didn't want them to idolize Aaron, a Black man.

When America talks about the desire to see Bonds not pass Hank Aaron, it’s really all about Babe Ruth.

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