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Okay, lets get this out of the way from the jump. I thought the suspensions given to the NBA players by the NBA were too harsh. Reggie Miller got a one
game suspension for leaving the bench? What he was supposed to do? Stay there and get killed or let a teammate get killed?

  Sad thing about the whole issue is Ben Wallace started it all. He totally overacted. He a defensive player who issues out punishment in the guise of defense. He is a world champion and he is an African-American who is showing disdain and anger toward another African-American. That was truly in the words of
former welterweight boxing champion Harold Weston, Jr., who said Ben Wallace the guy that started the bush fire gets only a six game suspension and Artest is done for the year. What bothered me too is the commissioner sited Artest's past history as a factor in his decision. How unfair is that? Didn't he pay past
fines and serve suspended time for past crimes? Artest tried all he could to stay away from it all. Even when he went into the stands he never threw a punch though he got sucker punched. Its nonsense that photos taken of the fans will aid in future arrests. I have to see it to believe it. ESPN announcers called it right when they said they didn't blame the players because it was the fans that crossed the line. The announcers commented: "Things change when you are physically provoked." Detroit Pistons coach Larry Brown mentioned that both teams should have been in the stands.

 Watching Michael Vick from the stands or the press box is a treat. Vick had never started an NFL game in the media capital of the world. He won his 20th
game as an NFL starting quarterback.  His record is now standing at 20-10-1. He won victory number 20 while leading his Atlanta Falcons to a 14-10 win over the New York Giant in Eli Mannings' pro debut as a starting quarterback at Giants stadium and the NFL.  Vick passed for 114 yards hitting on 12 of 20 lasers. He throws that football like one and rushed for over a 100 yards gaining 107 yards while throwing for two touchdowns. "Michael Vick just wins.  He's not your average human being," remarked his head coach Jim Mora. Mora who is also the team's Executive Vice President. Mora said he takes his hat off to the young Giants quarterback Eli Manning, whom he said is getting better with time.  Mora conveyed he was glad his team caught Manning in his first start rather than his fourth or fifth. Vick, after being formed by the "docthah" he had won victory number 20, saluted his coach for being instrumental in helping him win the 8th game in his rookie season. Vick mentioned that his teammates have respect for their coach and always play hard for him. Falcons now are 8-2.

 The burden of defeat is lifted off the shoulders of the New York Jets who once again won another big game. Jets topped the Cleveland Browns 10-7 to raise their record to 7-3 and add another victory on to head coach Herman Edwards' ledger for the month of November.  "Good to get the bad taste out our mouths," remarked the Jets  winning quarterback Quincy Carter, who netted his first win as Jet starting quarterback. The defeat he spoke about was last weeks Jets loss to the Baltimore Ravens. That bad taste may now be in the mouth of Browns field goal kicker Phil Dawson who missed field goals of 42 and 34 yards in the game. This, after making 27 straight prior to his first miss.  But the Jets had the ball and let the clock run out. The way Lamont Jordan was running on the Jets last possession, they would have scored and made it a 17-10 Jet win. Hold your head up Phil.

 Eli Manning, the Giants rookie quarterback can hold his head up, too. The kid has a lot of poise and displayed a vast knowledge of the game and media
savvy during the post game interview session. He also showed a lot of class and character. Much of the time he answered a question by ending with "that was on me."  Personally, I think this is a sign of not only a leader but a real man. His six yard touch down to Jeremy Shockey  as his first in the pros. "I didn't
throw one in the preseason," Manning told the media. His father Archie Manning, attended the game. His big brother Peyton, earned four touchdown passes of his own in leading his team to victory. Now get this, Archie, Peyton and Eli Manning's first touch passes in their NFL career were....yep, six yard strikes!

 Tiger Woods is still the world's number one golfer, ranking or no ranking.  Woods is a little upset that his good buddy Mark O'Meara didn't get named to
be captain of the 2006 Ryder Cup. Seems the snub could be due to O'Meara (along with Woods, Phil Mickelson and David DuVal) who back in 1999 pressured the PBA Into donating a share of their profits to a charity of each player's choice. Wood felt Mark would have been a perfect choice since he is Irish and the games were being played in Ireland.  Also, O'Meara goes to the K club in County Kildare every summer to fish. 

 Ever notice how much Daily News racing analysis Russ Harris looks like the great baseball player Ralph Kiner? Kiner the National League in homeruns for
seven straight years.  Nobody has done it prior or since. Quite a gentleman Mr. Kiner loves his cigars. The astute and classy CEO Of Cliffside Music, Inc.,
and manager of Disco legend Ms. Gloria Gaynor, and Linwood M. Simon was spotted ringside at the last MSG heavyweight card.

 The New York State Boxing Commission doesn't agree with the great Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield and won't allow the only four time winner of the
heavyweight championship to fight in New York again. "Evander should send the commissioner a Christmas card," stated boxing manager and trainer extraordinary, Billy Giles. The boxing game has been a better place ever since Giles and  Hector "Macho Man" Camacho became part of the boxing world.
 'DiBella Entertainment's Broadway Boxing' presented by Mohegan Sun is doing the do. Last Thursday at Manhattan Center Lou DiBella did it again with
another outstanding card. DiBella one of the class acts of boxing was ecstatic over Brooklyn's Curtis Steven's performance. "He's a 'bad' boy," was Lou's comment to Steven's proud Uncle Andre Rozier after Steven's electrifying 2nd round knock out of Ezzard Cooper. "He reminds me of a little Tyson," DiBella told me.

  Uncle Andre said had Stevens stayed focused he could have made the Olympics. Stevens sported a 243-11 amateur record. The champ says he will drop down in weight to the super middleweights. Up or down, Stevens is about to take this town. Look for me to talk more about the champ in upcoming articles...I promise.  DiBella has John Cirillo of Cirillo World ([email protected]) at the helm as his top PR man. That's why everything runs so smooth and the job is always well done.
 Speaking of a job well done, Jewish junior welterweight sensation Dmitriy Salita upped his record to 20-0, with his win over Paul Delgado. Delgado came
in at 12-4-1 (2kO's). Salita showed a lot of patience and poise as was needed in a fight that was reminiscent of fighters of yore in the heady days of the
sweet science.
 Pittsburgh Steeler, Jerome "The Bus" Bettis ran for 129 yards via 29 carries as Steelers kept peace with Donavon McNabb and The Philadelphia Eagles .
Both teams improved to 9-1. Eagles fly into the Meadowlands next week. Jets are still on the road and will be back home on Dec. 5th.

From all of us in the Sports Department and at Black Star News, Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Every day is a blessing and day for giving GOD thanks.  *Trust*In*GOD*

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