NFL: So Much Drama

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Snoop Dogg’s Gin & Juice, could easily be the soundtrack for the league—so much drama….remove LBC, insert NFL…& a 2018 hit will unfold!

First up, the most unlikely culprits….Recent shenanigans in and outside of Three Rivers Stadium have put the organization’s reputation as a well-oiled, well-run machine on shaky ground.  I’m not the least bit mad at Le’Veon Bell for doing what he thinks will bring about the best outcome for his future.  What I can do without is….offensive linemen airing their displeasure in the media…especially as it relates to finances.  Le’Veon should receive what the market bears for him just as o-linemen should receive what the market bears for them. 

Is there a discrepancy?  Certainly.  I’ve long argued that given the MVP award’s lean to the offensive side of the ball…it should always be given to an offensive line versus any qb, rb, or wide receiver.  However, that’s an argument the front five needs to vocalize…

Full disclosure:  I don’t have Bell as a fantasy rb so being neutral on the matter comes a lot easier.  Todd Gurley is the featured act on my team...and once again, I’m not! 

Throw in a passive aggressive quarterback who has plenty to say…after his big payday and a wide receiver….exhibiting every bit of the stereotypical behavior associated with wide receivers…and there’s a recipe for a less than stellar season in the making!

Meanwhile out west….Raiders fans are not so patiently waiting for their shiny new toy to actually start “shining”.  It really is the least Gruden can do considering he ushered Mack out of with  less grace given to Jazzy Jeff the many times he was heaved off of the premises….

Has Dez’s game regressed?  In many ways, yes---still doesn’t explain his current status.  A wide receiver who has regressed to average is still, well, average.  As a fan of fall Sunday afternoon viewing…I can say, average is well represented each and every week.

The Olympic ceremony is seen every four years…runner after runner passing it along until the cauldron is lit.  Years from now, many will recall the symbolic torch passing of the starting position from Tyrod Taylor to Baker Mayfield.  Coach Jackson handled the aftermath like a champ….”We” should find out, Tyrod should be told…not vice versa.

Well, like Vontae Davis, I’m out…except, unlike Vontae Davis I’m actually telling you I’m out beforehand!

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