Roy Jones And Giants Win Big

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I’m back from Brazil.

There is no question about the skills and talent of Roy Jones, Jr.

I arrived back in town on the night of the fight, January 19th. I hated to leave Fortaleza, Natalia, Decio and friends, but I left a few days earlier because I wanted to surprise my beloved mother, Vivian Stanley at her 79th birthday dinner party on the 20th. She turned 79 on the 21st. No surprise though to see Roy Jones win against Tito Trinidad.

Both my mother and Dr. King were both born in the same year. King, too, would be hitting his 79th birthday this year. I did surprise her and all my family members at the dinner, with the exception of my daughter Deminee' and my niece Christine, who were aware I was returning to New York.

Speaking of, ‘come backs,’ to New York -- the New York Giants return flight from Green Bay had to be a sweet one. The Giants, who were often cited for not making the big plays, losing games they should have won and whose team was often dogged by New Yorkers for winning games that they did win, are now on their way to the Super Bowl and another shot at the New England Patriots.

Both New York teams (the Jets and Giants) were among the few teams New England encountered during the season that gave them problems and also nearly beat them. If you remember Randy Moss and Tom Brady both had to perform at new record breaking heights to defeat the Giants on the last Saturday of the NFL season, right here in the Big Apple.

My hats off to the New York Giants radio announcers, especially Carl Banks and side line reporter Howard Cross, both former Giant superstars and Super Bowl winners. Banks comes off shooting straight from the hip, sparing no punches and telling nothing but the truth. His insight is also educational and puts one right into the game. He also holds no punches or quotes against the home team when they are not playing as they should.

Larry Hardesty is the best side line reporter in the game. And his on the scene references keep fans informed and knowing that things are not always as they seem. Case in point: Green Bay challenged a pass play that had the Giants receiver going out of bounds. Question was -- Did he have both feet in bounds? Cross told Banks and company without question both feet were in and the play would stand. He was of course right. He also told the fans that although a Giant defensive player was called for a vital defensive infraction, that the offensive Green Bay lineman had actually caused the infraction, and then did a Hollywood acting job, for the call which went against the Giants. So instead of the Giants getting the ball back, Green Bay kept it.

It was a huge penalty call against the Giants at the time.  The Packers then scored to take the lead and seemingly headed toward Super Bowl 42.  However, the Giants came back to tie things up and Dick Lynch, the legendary defensive back from Giant days of yore, made the comment that with 11 minutes + left in the game, win, lose or draw, the game had been "a good one."   With the missed field goal attempt in the closing seconds it did seem like the Giants had once again let things get away from them.  I can remember a couple of years back, while Banks and I were watching Brett Farve and the Packers play on the press room monitors, Farve got intercepted and Banks commented that after all was said and done, Farve would have close to as many interceptions in his career as he would have touchdowns.  

And so there it is, his words became golden. The Giants lost the coin toss, but Farve loses the ball with an interception that led to a second chance for the Giants field goal kicker. And bingo! The Giants win 23-20.  A Manning is in the Super Bowl for the second straight year and Eli gets there sooner than his brother Payton.

The Super Bowl is another road game and the Giants proved to be road warriors that simply win. Roy Jones, Jr. And Tito Trinidad put on outstanding performances last Saturday at legendary Madison Square Garden. I had a feeling the fight would be a classic. Both gents looked good, fought well, and showed us why they are both first ballot Hall of Famers and fighters we are admired and loved. Trinidad and Jones gave nothing but respect to each other after the clash.  

Trinidad acknowledged his defeat but felt he was much closer in the fight than score cards indicated. His performance also indicated that had he had the time and preparation he needed against Bernard Hopkins, Hopkins may not have won or not done so as easily in their classic 20-11 fight also at MSG.
During the 911 tragedy, Tito worked with Don King at ground zero with the City Police and Fire Departments. Hopkins on the other hand, never left the Philly gym where he trained. Trinidad's gym was destroyed during the attack since it was just blocks away from the World Trade Center.

On The Bench: Replay of Jones-Trinidad this Saturday on HBO. Jones looks ready to challenge anybody and everybody that challenges him after his big win Saturday. Eli Manning played some great football these last three weeks, as did the Giant defense. Winning on the road is never easy but to do so in Dallas and Green Bay back to back is quite special. GOD BLESS and Trust In GOD




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