Sheriff Strahan’s Back In Town

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The Associated Press 2001 National Football League (NFL) Defensive Player of the Year and the unofficial sheriff of the New York Football Giants defense is Michael Strahan.  After being a no-show at training camp for the whole New York Giants 2007- 2008 pre- season games campaign, the 35 year old Strahan has finally ended his hold out and reported to camp.

The 14 year veteran was a hold out due to his desire to receive a contract extension now rather than later. He even contemplated retirement. The Giants defense really suffered.  There were missed tackles and over running defenders.  The defense was in one word—raggedy.

Clearly Coach Tom Coughlin is a man that is used to getting his way. He definitely is not used to hearing—to waiting. Throughout Strahan’s holdout Coughlin acted like the Giants did not need Strahan and he should hurry up and make his decision. 

This attitude may have swayed Tiki Barber towards early retirement. The Giants were concerned about a repeat performance of what they perceived as a distraction surrounding a player’s pending retirement—ala Tiki Barber during last season. 

The new General Manager (GM) Jerry Reese was much more diplomatic when asked about Strahan during his hold out. He said that Strahan had the right to take his time while weighing his decision about returning or retirement but the Giants had to work with who was present in camp.

Michael Strahan is very important to the Giants organization. An offense is only as good as its defense. So just what does he bring to the Giants offense and defense? As he looks to start his 15th year in the NFL or 200 games, Strahan has 794 tackles, 132.5 sacks, 21 forced fumbles, seven pro bowl appearances, four interceptions and two touchdowns.  Last season Strahan also brought the three ringed circus of a nasty bitter knock down dragged out mudslinging I’ve-been-robbed divorce from the former Mrs. Jean Strahan.  The couple has a set of twin girls which means they will always be in each other’s lives. Talk about the gridiron being his sanctuary. Even with an end to the emotional taxing divorce one ponders if Strahan had received a contract extension would he have even thought about retirement now?

As a result of the divorce’s settlement—$15.3 million dollars and the $18,000 dollars a month child support order to care for the twins, one would think Strahan needs to continue working for the next 16 more years with child support pending, not to mention his huge $500,000 plus Giant team fine he amassed during his five week or specifically 39 day hold out. 

With the Giant season due to start next Sunday versus the Dallas Cowboys it remains to be seen how much playing time if any Strahan receives or whether he will be ready to play. One thing is certain; this is the end to part one of this current New York Giant melodrama involving Strahan.


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