Supertars & Super Duds?

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Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens super duper linebacker is a super person. Seems Lewis gets some bad notices now and then that are unwarranted. Seems some other players are jealous of his fame and popularity.
 Riddick "Big Daddy" Bowe among those ring side at Garden bouts last Saturday. Gerry Cooney, Jake LaMotta,Harold Weston, Jr., were also in the arena. Roy Jones, Jr., was ringside doing color for HBO. Roy Innis, Rick MaHorne, were also enjoying the evening.
 Doesn't look like four time heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield is set to retire. Speaking of retiring, The New York Jets will retire the number of Joe Klecko during their Dec. 26th game against New England Patriots. Klecko wore number #73.   Joe Namath(12) and Don Maynard(13) are two previous players to have their numbers retired making the three men the only three to have been retired in Jets history. Klecko is also the only player in NFL history  selected to the Pro-Bowl who played Defensive End, Nose Tackle and Defensive Tackle.
 Sammy Sosa rumored to be close to playing at Shea. Sosa is a great slugger but how much can you say about a guy who can't get along with the great Dusty Baker? Don Mattingly it seems is staying as the New York Yankees hitting coach. Got that Timothy F. Smedley?
 Andrew Golota robbed again. Won bout against John Ruiz going away.  Golota threw 19 less punches than Ruiz yet landed 31 more. Threw two less jabs landed 22 more. Two judges had Ruiz winning 7 rounds in a row. Surely you jest. A Golota supporter was crying fix. CRAZY. Don King can push Golota (the first Polish heavyweight champion, a white guy, a lot better than the quiet, classy, yet dull and boring Ruiz). Ruiz also lost the title to a lightheavyweight. Only twice done in boxing history.
 ESPN's Wally Matthews tabs Barry Bonds as National League MVP. Said it goes against his mindset but he feels St. Louis Cardinals Scott Rolen and Albert Pujols will hurt each other in the voting. Staying against the grain, he also tabs Anaheim Angels Vladimir Guerrero. Daily News scribe Mike Lupica tabs Pujols NL MVP and Guerrerro AL MVP. As for me:  I think how can it be anybody else but Barry Bonds in the National league? My choice of American league MVP --  Well, anybody heard of Gary Sheffield? All he did was carry the Yankees all year long and he did that even while he was hurt all YEAR long.
 Are the Pittsburgh Steelers rolling or what? There are few better-coached football teams than the New England Patriots. Like the Baltimore Ravens they seem to be a team that is family.
  Stickball legend Edgar "Fuzzy" Bartlett claims "Mellie Mays" was the greatest stickball homerun hitter and player of them all. Bartlett told the Doctor that "Mellie once went on vacation and upon his return, hit 10 homers his first day back," Unfortunately, stickball a legendary New York game is no longer played in the streets of New York City. One of baseball’s greatest players Willie Mays, used to play stickball in the streets with the kids in his Harlem neighborhood.
 New York Giants football season slipping away. After the win over Giants Sunday, Cardinals head coach, Dennis Green, now has victory number 101. The New York Jets aren’t returning  home until Dec. 5th.  The season will be determined on this two-game road trip. Time is working against Jets last two weeks. First end goal on the four with 50 seconds and down by three, Jets should have gotten into the end zone or at least taken better shots to attempt to do so. November is usually a good month for Jets head coach Herman Edwards.  Edwards owns the third best record in NFL history during the Turkey month of Thanksgiving.
 Marion Boykin where are YOU? The B. Hall & Doc Stanley Show on Time Warner Cable shown weekly in Queens on Thursday at 10pm on channel 56 and Friday at 1pm on channel 34 has dedicated this week’s boxing show to Boykin and his legendary cable boxing show' Boykin On Boxing'. Special thanks to B.Hollywod for bringing the doctah along. Interviews with Don King, Evander Holyfield and Zab Judah will also highlight the show.
 Want a reason why athletes don't like the New York media or playing New York? This is an excerpt on Jets receiver Santana Moss from the Buffalo Bills game: “Moss finally scored, but he took eight seconds to run/waltz 31 yards wasting valuable seconds against the Bills.â€? This was written by a home town writer who knocked Santana Moss for scoring a touchdown. Is Moss supposed to have a stopwatch in his helmet? And isn't he just coming off the injury list? So why kill himself and risk injury when he has the defense beaten soundly?  Could it be that Moss’s being an African American played a factor in this writers so called expert grading report. He gave Moss a “C.â€? A touchdown and over a hundred yards receiving and he got a C? Seems like  that writers “Câ€? stood for colored!
 Talk about being vastly over rated --Jeremy Shockey caught his third touchdown pass of the season last week against the Bears. It was his career high. Three touchdowns and they are mentioning this guy in the same breath with Mark Bravero?  NOT!!!!!. This kid is nowhere near Mark. He doesn't come up big or spectacular often enough or when needed. And if he were African American that would be duly noted and stated.

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