Timothy Bradley Stakes Claim As 140-Pounds King

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[BoxingGlove Notes]

Saturday night, July 17, 2010, at the Aguas Calientes, Rancho Mirage Casino, California, W.B.O.140 pound Champion, Timothy "Dessert Storm" Bradley, 25-0, 11k.o.'s  defeated, Luis Carlos Abregu, 29-0, 17 k.o.'s from Argentina, by a unanimous decision. It was a non-title fight, since this was an over the weight 147 pound fight.

Bradley, giving away 4 inches in height and also reach, fought very cautiously from the very first round, feeling out Abregu avoiding his wild punches as he counter-punched effectively staying out of harm's way scoring winning points just a like a militaryman taking advantage of the enemy's weaknesses.

As the fight progessed round after round, it was evident that Abregu a supposedly hard knockout puncher was the perfect foil for Timothy Bradley's initial entry into the 147 pound ranks as he was testing the waters at that higher level, which houses the Pacquiaos, Mayweathers, Mosleys, and Bertos, to name just a few. Bradley then began to take a more aggressive posture staggering Agrebu with hard punches, and at the same time bobbing and weaving defensively and staying low avoiding his wild punches. Very few times during the entire 12 rounds was Abregu able to hit Bradley, but, the punches in effect, were harmless.

As I was watching Carlos Abregu, I began to wonder how could an undefeated highly rated fighter with an unblemished record of 29-0, 17 k.o.'s, plus, being an Olympic finalist only losing to former 2 time world champ, Joel Casamayor in the gold medal round, actually display very few skills in a professional boxing ring, and still remain undefeated.

His cornermen which included Hector Roca of the "Million Dollar Baby" fame, kept begging him to move forward: "Carlos, he is tired, he can't hurt you, you are losing the fight, you have to knock him out to win". Round after round the desperate pleas continued to no avail. Abregu fought the same methodical, tentative way which included several accidental head butts resulting in cut eyes for both Bradley and Abregu.

Only In the 8th. and the 9th. round did I notice any effective but brief point scoring aggression by Abregu which gave me the impression that Bradley was only resting and conserving himself for the "championship rounds", the 10th., 11th., and 12th.

At end of the 12 round fight it was a foregone conclusion that Bradley had won the decision and that was proven by the the Judge's score sheet--Fritz Werner, 118-110,  Jonathan Davis, 116-112, and Barry Bruxton, 117-111, all voted unanimously in favor of Bradley. I awarded Bradley the victory by a 118-110 vote.

Elated because his entry into the 147 pounds ranks was a success, Bradley said he was now ready to challenge all of the top 140 pounders, like champs, Devon Alexander, Amir Khan, including and especially, Manny Pacquiao. "I want to clean up the 140 pound division and then go up to the 147 pounders", Bradley said at the post fight ring interview.

Ironically or maybe coincidentally strange, both Zab Judah the night before nor Timothy Bradley tonight, hurled a challenge at  Mister-Pound-for-Pound, Floyd "Moneymaker" Mayweather.

In the semi final fight, Alfredo "El Perro" Angulo, hard hitting Junior Middleweight contender, 18-1, 16 k.o.'s solidified his ranking for a world title fight by knocking out Joachin Alcine, 32-1, 19 k.o.'s from Quebec, Canada, by way of Haiti, in 2 minutes and 59 seconds of the 1 st. round.

El Perro Angulo is indeed a front runner for a world title fight and maybe as he is waiting to fight for a world title, he could challenge the list of the other contenders also waiting for title fights such as, Yuri Foreman, Danny Jacobs, Paul Williams, Kermit Cintron.

Maybe the junior middleweights will join up with the "little giants of boxing", and continue to make boxing the number one sports attraction in the world.

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