Uganda-born Fighter Wins Big

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Scottish-based Ugandan pugilist Badru Lusambya, alias "mister Crush," delivered on his nickname with a devastating knockout victory over Chas "Croydon Bomber" Symonds.

Lusambya, 27, who lives in Glasgow, put behind memory of his only defeat, to Gary McMillan, with his strong performance, and seventeenth career knockout.

Sadly, Symonds had to be carted away on life-supporting oxygen, after his knockout Sunday, at York Hall Bethnal Green.

Lusambya, who is promoted by MP Miranda, is a former African Union belt holder; he now vaults on the list of challengers for a Welterweight Commonwealth title.

The fight was halted at the 44th second of the third round as Lusambya delivered punishing blows, including head jolting upper cuts, on his opponent. In the second round, Symonds had succumbed twice but somehow beat referee Ken Curtis’s count. He had held his own in the first round, not knowing that Crush was just warming up.

Withering body shots to Symonds’s left ribs and a couple of uppercuts left him ready for the fall; he was supported by the ropes during several exchanges.

A thunderous hook in the third round closed the book and floored Symonds. Referee Curtis waved off the contest as the game but overmatched Symonds struggled to get back on his feet.

"I had seen his record, movements, and it took me just the first three minutes to study his weak points," Crush said, after the fight was halted. "He came all out but I was not moved by a few punches he sent in the first round."

He was unaware Symonds already was on life support in the locker room.

A heavy Symonds fan contingent had travelled here for the fight; they were disappointed by his devastating loss but many prayed for his recovery after the fight saying his health was more important.

Lusambya made his boxing debut in Europe with a draw last year at Scottish Exhibition Centre-Glasgow, against Gheorghe Danut, his first ever fight outside his native country; he then lost to Gary McMillan.

"Many good fighters have lost fights but they come back with different lessons," Crush said.

He said he has built speed and endurance by sparring with big name U.K. fighters like Manchester's David Barnes and Colin Lynes.

When he's not exposing corruption by government officials, Black Star Europe correspondent Miwambo relaxes by covering sports

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