Why There May Be No Civil Trial in Kobe Case

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This Wednesday, I again primed myself to hear more lies by those who know how best to tell them. Then I was treated to some interesting breaking news. Word was coming in from Eagle County, Colorado that the criminal case against Kobe Bryant would be dropped, after a year of speculation and titillation.

Initially, the reporter stated that the case might be dropped "without prejudice." In legal parlance that means charges could be filed again within a 10-year limit. But then it was learned that the news was even better for Kobe, because the charges would be dropped "with prejudice." In other words the charges of criminal rape can never again be brought against him.

But this sordid story is not yet finished because the specter of a civil trial still looms. For the victim’s monetary motivation seems calculatingly, clear as I pointed out in an earlier article. Dropping the criminal charges was necessary to move to the main event and closer to the big payday.

After all what else could be the reason for the victim’s refusal to participate in bringing to justice the man she claims attacked her? The notion that she feels she can’t get a fair criminal trial while simultaneously pursuing a civil one is disingenuous. It’s all about the money. And she just may get some.

Yesterday Kobe issued a statement saying he was sorry for what happened. Hmmm. For some reason that suggests to me that a settlement before the civil case starts is also possible. Kobe’s advisers may be telling him that the time to put an end to this whole mess has come. And maybe it has.

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