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Youth soccer academy players.


We hope you had a great summer and with fall upon us, you know what that means it's 'FFG Boot Drive' season!

Our energetic young men (and women) tear our boots apart at the seams, so we're once again in desperate need of gently used football boots, soccer cleats (call them what you like), we need them. Oh, and goalkeeper gloves.

As I've said again and again, we're doing everything we can to get the most out of the boots and gloves that have already been generously donated. Seriously, take a peek at how our local 'boot doctor' keeps them going! And he does the same to bring our goalkeeper gloves back to life.

We still have a couple of bags of boots for our younger players, but our older academy boys are a different story. Sure, we need all sizes, but we're completely depleted of size 6 and higher.

In October, I will be back in Canada, and I would love to load up with used boots and gloves for the trip back to Uganda.

So, if you can send us your cleats and/or gloves, or help us collect from an entire team or club (in Canada, the US or even the EU), we'd love to hear from you.

You can email me at or WhatsApp at +256.790.561.934.

Pictured right is the FFG U16s squad, which opened the National U19 League with a 2-2 draw on Sunday. An exciting start for this youthful group.

Thanks once again for your support of Uganda's only full-time and residential youth football academy and scholarship program!

Yours in talent, education, opportunity and community. Yours in football.

Adrian Bradbury,
Founder, CEO & Academy Director
Football for Good

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