And The Beat Goes On As Germany Grabs Soccer's World Cup

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Mario Gotze exults after scoring winning goal


As expected, while I was on vacation, the world of sports continued spinning on its axis… are a just a few of the things I observed while peering over a fruity adult beverage complete with a little wooden umbrella:

My FIFA fever was at its peak as the American team pleasantly surprised us by trekking much further in the World Cup rounds than we’d expected….how exhilarating it was to be in New York City, with its abundance of diversity, watching soccer matches with crowds of people representing virtually every shade of the melting pot rainbow….

As our team gave themselves a fighting chance against Belgium, I couldn’t have been more proud as the Americans fought and scratched through regulation…but the stoppage time would prove to be unkind to the guys donning red, white and blue.  Even in defeat, goalie Tim Howard gets my vote for ESPY Sportsman of the Year for making history with no less than sixteen incredible saves!!

Although my fever symptoms subsided quickly….I’ve found myself more captivated by the sport than I ever thought I’d be…in fact, I enjoyed watching  as Argentina and Germany put their best feet forward…couldn’t resist…in the final game! Congrats to Germany for making sure the trophy stayed in European hands!

Speaking of the soon to be aired ESPY Awards….I suppose there should be no surprise that rapper Drake, fan extraordinaire, who was absolutely everywhere during every sporting season will be hosting this year’s shows.  If I’m not mistaken he may have photobombed a pic my daughter’s team took after winning a local lacrosse tourney a few months ago….the guy looked just like him, pinkie promise!!

From the grass courts across the pond…approximately three weeks ago it would have taken a whole lot to convince me Serena Williams would not be curtseying at mid-court with yet another Wimbledon trophy in hand.  As the storied fortnight unfolded it would bePetra Kvitová and Eugenie Bouchardvying for the coveted title.  Unfortunately, Bouchard found herself on the losing end of a championship game that wrapped in an astonishingly swift 55 minutes.

On the men’s side….Roger Federer’s titles are the goal for today’s competitors.  Titles are not easy to capture and neither is the heart of tennis fans worldwide.  Novak Djokovic found himself up against both as he faced Roger’s steadfast determination to hoist a championship plate once again and the millions hoping he’d do just that!  

As I took part in Breakfast at Wimbledon at a Bermudian resort, it was quite amazing to see even the most casual restaurant passerby take a peek at the screen and cheer Federer’s winning points.  Novak had his work cut out for him as he let the fourth set slip away…as it turned out, it would take all five sets to issue Roger runner-up status.  For what it is worth…I have no doubt we have not heard the last of Federer—30 plus years, 4 babies and all!!

Baseball has reached its half way point….although I don’t find the All-Star Game itself a must see event…the Home Run Derby is quite fun to watch---looking forward to it!

How sweet it is---knowing football season is just around the corner….and down the street a bit for that matter…. but hey, it is much closer than it was and that’s very good news to my psyche….

Oh, and big news recently broke….something about a mega-talented athlete that left his previous job in his home state for a much better job in a sunnier state…much ado ensued…he won two fairly large trophies with his new colleagues...had nothing to prove and decided to head back home in hopes of helping a new set of colleagues experience the thrill of a championship podium…hmmm, I’ll have to look into all of that hoopla and get back with ya!!

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