It Never Gets Old

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By the time Thursday night rolled around I welcomed it with open arms….sleep seemed like something of the distant past.  Each of the two previous nights had run over into the wee hours as I sat glued to the television watching the World Series. Clichés are everywhere in sports…none was more appropriate for this particular series than the one tsk tsking the inevitable—what a shame one team would have to lose!...

2014 would prove no different than 2012 and 2010…the team in the dugout across the field from the San Francisco Giants would end up holding “we’re number two” fingers in the air.  The Kansas City Royals put up a good fight in a losing effort.  The bright spot though---they are heavily stacked in the talent department...their fans can expect the team’s postseason appearances to be far more frequent going forward…with a hard stop coming when they meet the Baltimore Orioles next time—just saying…

As a side note: NBA star Paul Pierce may want to wrap his mind around sharing his nickname with a fellow star athlete…San Francisco pitcher Madison Bumgarner is nothing but “The Truth”.  If Pierce doesn’t believe it, he only has to ask any member of the Royals to testify…the fellas in crisp blue and white have the benefit of the offseason to figure how and why they had zero answer for Bumgarner.  I initially thought the kid put his pants on one leg at a time, you know like the rest of us…after watching him in action, ummm I’d have to reconsider that notion…

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants--again!  And to the fans who chose to misbehave to the degree that law enforcement was required…really?  One would think you’d be used to this whole celebrating thing by now and act like you had some type of home training…Geez Louise!....

MLB has wrapped up right as we usher October out of 2014…while other sports are either just getting started or right in the thick of things strategizing on the best approach to the home stretch:

NHL---I don’t think those guys know any other way but a fast and furious start…their mastery of combining the tough skill of ice skating with executing plays never ceases to amaze me.  Of course, I’ll be cheering on the hometown Capitals.  They haven’t exactly set things blazing thus far…but in this neck of the woods, folks tend to stay calm and trust Alex—Captain Alexander Ovechkinthat is!....

NBA---All eyes have been on Cleveland since the summer…something about a big announcement from a hometown guy from a surrounding city moving back to the area.  However, the season is a long one---as wins and losses are accumulated along the way we can certainly expect many other teams to be added to the fray.  Let us not forget number 23 on the Cavaliers may very well be the number one player in the league….but each and every player on the 30 team rosters is a competitor… an exciting season is in store!.....

NCAA Football—Earlier this week saw the inaugural unveiling of the committee’s Top 4 playoff teams…Mississippi State, Florida State, Ole Miss, & Auburn—in that order.  Although not a lot of surprise was involved…the announcement itself was an excellent way for teams in contention to get a pulse on how the committee arrives at its decisions.  No doubt the formula is to continue piling on wins….from my vantage point though, Florida State is the only team standing much of a chance at the undefeated banner…outside of them it stands to reason the other teams will have at least once loss—it’ll be very interesting to see how this new fangled system unfolds!...

NFL---A celebratory parade took place in San Francisco for the World Series Champions…I can only imagine the excitement and sheer jubilation taking place in the picturesque city by the bay.  Actually, I witnessed excitement and sheer jubilation on this coast this week.  It didn’t take seven games…all it took was one---late Monday night when the Washington Redskins defeated their arch rivals Dallas Cowboys.  I could see it in the gleaming eyes of Washington’s fans… ….and hear it in their voices---my grandmother, a long time fan, shared her sentiment “I don’t care if we win another game all year, beating the Cowboys was worth it!”. 

At this point in the year, no city looks like a clear cut candidate for slow moving vehicles moving down confetti ridden streets with players hoisting a trophy high in the air surrounded by legions of fans stacked rows deep along the parade route....there’s not a crystal ball in the world able to make that prediction!

Hmmm, that’s actually good news….watching the season unfold, buying into and/or being disappointed by the hype of featured games & reveling in the comradarie of like minded fans is what it is all about…we wouldn’t want to know the next champion of our favorite sport even if we were able to, would we??

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