NFL, NCAA Football: Goodwill Toward Men--Not So Much!

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Trash talking by definition is insulting or boastful speech intended to demoralize, intimidate, or humiliate someone, especially an opponent in an athletic contest. For the record, I have zero problem with the art of trash talking….within reason.   

Physical altercations between fans is and always will be, way beyond reason. As a matter of fact….let’s use the NFL as an example….any adult who allows him or herself to reach an uncontrollable amount of rage based on the outcome of a game ought to be ashamed of themselves. There’s a huge difference between being disappointed…disgusted even… and wanting to cause physical harm to another person!  After all…at the end of the day…all it amounts to is a bad day at work.  If I should find myself on a conference call that has already gone on far too long, doesn’t appear to have an end in sight nor is it yielding desired results…I’m fairly certain Cam Newton doesn’t feel the need to go jumping in folks face with a “let’s go” frame of mind on my behalf!  Because reciprocity in relationships is vital….I refrain from doing the same if he doesn’t complete a pass!  Just saying.

Physical altercations between players is understandable….within reason.  To never expect it under any circumstance when fierce competitiveness, adrenaline and testosterone are central factors does not make  Within reason though means to reel in poor behavior and decision making well before excessive penalties, fines and suspensions enter the equation!

In all the years spent honing my trade as a spectator, the only competition I’ve seen consistently get it right is the Army-Navy game. Both fan bases carry the same weight as others…..passionate about their teams, rich history, storied programs, an appetite for winning, and large doses of trash talking thrown in the mix!  Yet, there is a line drawn that displays the utmost respect for the competition.  It really is a remarkable thing to see and hear!

No doubt the fact that players on both sides of the field are united in fighting for this country we all love plays a role in the no nonsense approach to striking a perfect balance .  The thing is….doesn’t that same rule apply to all of us….we all have the same desire---to really, really want to win and be able to go about business as usual no matter what the scoreboard says.  If it doesn’t apply, it most certainly should!!

On a final note, my holiday wish list is short and sweet….two more in the win column for my Oklahoma Sooners this football season!! 

Happy Holidays!!!

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