The NFL Players You Need To Know For The New Season

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This year’s NFL season has no come to an end and things have begun to settle now that the Super Bowl is over, which means one thing – we’re entering off-season period! Beginning on the 14th March, free agents will begin to make an impact of NFL teams across the new league, meaning that several cuts, as well as additions, will be made to team. Some we may see coming, with Jonathan Stewart being released by the Panthers, however others may come as rather unexpected. There are certain to be a number of click-baits articles and fake news surrounding the transfers and the best players in the NFL, but this is not always your best option to stay in the know. Instead, you can stay up to date with the best expert tips from credible sportsbooks, where all facts and stats will be covered, as well as a broad number of odds listed. To give you a head start, we’re taking a look at some of the NFL players you should know about this season.
Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals: Fitzgerald certainly isn’t a new face to the NFL season, and the success of the Arizona Cardinals has been on his shoulders numerous times. However, with his 35th birthday approaching later this year, there is some speculation behind whether or not Fitzgerald will be able to continuously produce for the Cardinals. In the past, Fitzgerald has had an undeniably successful career, winning 11 Pro Bowl titles, alongside the label of First-Team All-Pro in 2008.
However, despite being established as one of the most dominating players in the history of the NFL, several changes to the Cardinals could leave Fitzgerald feeling slightly vulnerable in the upcoming season. With Palmer retiring from his quarterback position, Fitzgerald could face quite a difficult challenge in order to record his 4th 1,000 yard campaign on the bounce.
Dion Lewis, New England Patriots: To be truthful, Lewis hasn’t had the most successful start in his NFL career. Sure, in 2015, he had a fantastic start when being signed onto the Patriots, showing strong dominance and skilful tactics on the playing field. This soon shattered, however, as Lewis was faced with an ACL injury that left him unable to play for a laboriously long time. Lewis made an appearance in last year’s Super Bowl season, but he soon became a shadow to James White and failed to make an impact on the team. Although Lewis still hasn’t proved his worth as much as possible throughout the playoffs, he definitely has a chance to shine and could be one to watch in the next NFL season. At odds of 19.00, he’s definitely worth taking a risk on when placing your online NFL bets, as we know that he has the potential to perform exquisitely.
LeGarrette Blount, Philadelphia Eagles: You might be thinking, “I’ve always known Blount to play for the Patriots”, and you’d be correct, however he has recently made the move to the Eagles in the off-season. When playing for the Patriots, Blount’s performance was remarkable, reeling off massive performances post-season and leading the Patriots to several victorious feats. With his sheer size and capability, Blount definitely has potential to produce big runs in order to steam through tackles. Even when Blount is faced opposing his former team, we feel as though he’s more than capable of exposing the Patriots, using his past experience of the team in order to evade their strategies and lead the Eagles to victory, potentially allowing them to repeat their Super Bowl triumph.
Ronald Darby, Philadelphia Eagles: Another entry from the Eagles here, with Ronald Darby being considered at one of the number one cornerbacks in the NFL season. Previously, Darby has been unable to deliver a promising performance due to his ankle injury, dislocating it at the very beginning of the campaign. Darby was a significant player for the team’s defence, but fortunately the injury wasn’t as bad as expected, and only side-lined him for a total of 8 matches.
The 24-year-old has an undeniable amount of potential; however, he’ll really need to pull it out of the bag if he wants to top the legendary Brady and the Patriots. Having lost three out of four of their meeting with the Patriots, Darby is aware of the pressure riding on his shoulders, however an extra push of effort could see him leading his team to victory.
Chris Hogan, New England Patriots: When playing for the Patriots, being outshined by the likes of Brady is easy, and this has become apparent for Hogan in the post-season thus far. With Brady turning to the likes of Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola for his wing-men, Hogan has been forced to take a back seat, making his start to the off-season incredibly quiet. Furthermore, after suffering with a shoulder injury across the Los Angeles Chargers in the 2017 campaign, Hogan has struggled to shine on the field.
Regardless of this, Hogan is perfectly healthy now and has a lot of potential to take centre stage and lead to Patriots to victory. Previously, Hogan has been able to cover 180 yards and two touchdowns when playing for the Patriots, so he could definitely pose as an NFL player to keep a close eye on this year.
With the NFL off-season well underway, it’s the prime time to keep a close eye on players across all teams in order to decipher who could pose as the threat in the new NFL season and who will simply take a back seat and not make an impact. These are our NFL insights, but what do you think?

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