A Clinton-Sanders Ticket Maybe The Only Way Democrats Win White House in 2016

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As the 2016 presidential race heats in South Carolina and Nevada and Black and Latino voters are finally able to participate in greater numbers than in Iowa and New Hampshire, it is almost guaranteed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will clash over issues of interest in both communities.

While a sharp debate over issues is welcomed by all interested in who becomes the 45th President in 2017, South Carolina has historically become a snake pit of ugly accusations and vicious smears. It is where campaigns, out of desperation and possibly exhaustion, tend to cross the line and say and do things so vile, that they threaten to poison the well of party unity in November.

In 2000, George W. Bush, through his dirty tricks Svengali, Karl Rove, that John McCain and his wife Cindy were strung out on heroin: that the Arizona Senator had fathered "several Black children" out of wedlock and that while being a POW in Vietnam, the communist Chinese turned McCain into a Manchurian candidate, poised to raise taxes when he finally ascends to the throne of power in the Oval Office.

Yes, historically the GOP gets down and dirtier in The Palmetto State then Democrats have in the past. But with Hillary on ropes and the realization that her so-called "minority firewall" is beginning to smolder, Clinton just may begin to behave as rash and extreme as the Bush family as they begin to rip the skin off Trump in the coming weeks before the February 27th primary date.

This would be a total disaster for both Clinton and Sanders and more importantly the Democratic party chances of victory in November. When the Bush family goes into smear mode in South Carolina, it is done through outsiders not normally connected to the family itself.

When the Clintons do it, its through visible hacks like James Carville and David Brock, long associated with "Hillaryland".

As when second wave feminist royalty Gloria Steinem trolled young female Sander's supporters as just wanting to "hook up" with "the boys" supporting Sanders, Clinton's targeted smears tend to backfire.

Which is truly the only "inevitable" thing about Clinton. Hillary does have a lot work cut out for her. How to run against the new American Gandhi is going to be a challenge no matter what state it is. Bizarre attacks and yelling at debates will not be enough.

African-Americans will learn that Sanders was arrested marching with Martin Luther King while Hillary was a young Republican supporting Barry Goldwater.

The contrast will become clear as people recall:  Bill Clinton's era of Welfare "Reform" and "Three Strikes And Your Out."

That, is when Hillary will go off the rails. Instead of burning down the house, Hillary needs to realize one thing -- the Democratic Party of the 1990's is DOA.

The  future lies with Bernie Sanders' mantras of economic inequality, climate change inaction and major criminal justice reform regarding how African- American's are treated and wantonly murdered by law enforcement around the country.

Hillaryland needs to first publically acknowledge this shift in the party. The Clintons were on the other side the debate of Gay Marriage- they supported "defense of marriage" act in the 90's- deregulation, and police cracking down on minorities with "tough" on crime policies.

If Hillary does not do this, she will, just like in 2008 fall.

Here is why that would be most tragic. It is almost next to impossible for parties who have controlled the White House for eight years to extend their hold on it for four or eight more years. And as saintly as Sanders appears to Democrats who are tired of the Democratic "old Guard," the realty is this.

If both wings of the party are not united in the fall, no matter who the nomine is in November, Democrats just might hand over the keys to the Oval Office to Trump and/or Jeb Bush.

Never, ever underestimate the Bush family, I don't care how far Jeb sinks in the polls.

In fact instead of looking at Hillary and Sanders as opposing forces, it is time for Democrats to look at how they could complement each other in the fall.

Where Hillary lacks, Sanders fills the void and vice versa. Hillary is planning to roll out former San Antonio mayor and current HUD Secretary Julian Castro this summer as her VP running mate.

She may have to reconsider that choice. Yes, Castro is everything Clinton is not; a young minority that can hopefully attract those two demographics to vote for her. Yet, with the Rubio meltdown in New Hampshire in hindsight, is it really that wise to bank on Castro, someone who is so inexperienced on the national stage, suddenly thrust into prime time presidential politics?

That is a gamble that John McCain surely regrets when he chose Sarah Palin in 2008. If Clinton survives Super Tuesday, she seriously needs to consider Sanders as her running mate in the fall.

A Clinton/Sanders ticket, might just be the recipe to defeat Trump or Bush in November. Despite the party infighting, when you step back and look at both Clinton and Sanders, how they complement each other is quite extraordinary. Sanders is everything Clinton is not.

He is passionate, dynamic and genuine. He attracts waves of young voters to his political "revolution." On the other hand, Hillary has qualities- experience, pluck and the ability to fight as hard as is it takes to win- that Sanders does not.

Instead of smashing these two party stalwarts together, why not ensure they join forces after Super Tuesday?

I understand most political pundits will laugh at this notion, but do they really care who wins the White House in November or do they just like a good bloodbath?

Democrats, on both sides of the party divide, need to ask themselves that very same question.


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