Blue Wave Rocks DC- America Rejects Trump's Nationalist Hate

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PHOTO: The youth of America shattered voting records in 2018. Will Oprah hear their cry and lead them in 2020?

When historians write about this week's midterm elections, it will certainly be considered a pivotal moment in America's 242 year story.

From coast to coast, American voters went to the polls and threw over 300 Trump stooges out of office. Calling them Republicans anymore is almost redundant ever since Trump- through his cult of personality- remolded the former GOP into his own demented image. In reality, it should now be called the Trump Party (TP). And out of 75 official endorsements President Trump made, only a mere 21 were victorious on election night, according to the Brookings Institution latest survey.

Yet Donald J. Trump penguin-walked himself to the presidential podium at last Wednesday's press conference and declared that the "midtown and midterm" election results demonstrated "the candidates that I supported achieve(d) great success last night."

Having absolutely no respect for the office of the presidency, it is no wonder Trump can so brazenly lie like he does. But for the Trump Party, lying in tatters beneath the president's destructive wake of a fallen House Of Representatives and the loss of seven governorships and state houses (Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada and Wisconsin) begs just one simple question. Just how stupid does the Trump Party have to be to continue blindly following their deity-sun-king into the 2020 election cycle?

Meanwhile, the Dems showed what grassroots democracy can look like when it is done correctly. Organizing on the local level, Democrats used America's disdain for Trump's outlandish and detestable behavior since his acquisition of the White House to their advantage. Instead of just offering lip service to racial diversity and unity, Democrats fielded candidates of diverse backgrounds nationwide and won races in districts they never thought they could.  Record shattering numbers of young and minority voters pushed Dems over the top this election cycle and these astounding victories could not have been achieved without their diligent involvement.  

And because of this effort to showcase diversity instead of just talking about it, a record 100 plus women will now serve in the House and Senate come January, 2019. These women will now become a much needed check against Trump's historic attack on the rule of law by abruptly firing U.S. AG Jeff Sessions and installing toad Mark Whitaker to dismantle the Mueller investigation as the holidays draw closer.

The final results of 2018 have yet to be determined as votes are still being counted in Florida, Georgia, Arizona and California. The validity of some results are being questioned in Georgia and Florida due to the usual irregularities. In Georgia, Democrat Stacey Abrams' opponent for Governor, Trumpster Brain Kemp just also happened to be Secretary Of State in charge of Georgia's elections. In other words the Kemp was a team captain and a referee in the same game, or as they say down south, the fox was in charge of the hen house.  Kemp sent broken, inoperable voting machines to predominantly black polling centers, causing massive lines that stretched endlessly all day. At 7PM Kemp had the voting precincts doors slammed shut on those lines.

Voting irregularities are also being raised in Florida when a school teacher found a blue ballot box stuffed with uncounted ballots left behind after voting in the school the night before took place.  Recounts will soon be underway.

And I'm willing to bet if they looked carefully in Texas they would discover similar crooked vote tallies that propelled Cruz to "victory."

As Mueller prepares to drop his final report on the Trump campaign and Russian interference, all eyes are beginning to focus on 2020. Some are hoping a "beloved American" steps forward, like Oprah or Michelle Obama. Yet the key for Dems to win back the White House 2020 just might be someone who apparently lost, Beto O'Rouke. Just ask Abraham Lincoln and George H.W. Bush how much losing a Senate race set them back politically.

It may not reflect in polling yet, but Beto is going to become the front runner rapidly if he chooses to run. If Oprah and Michelle sit 2020 out, Beto may be America's only chance to kick Trump or Mike Pence out of the White House.

Actually, when you think about it, almost anybody could beat Pence

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