Clyburn Predicts The John Lewis Voting Rights Act Will Pass Congress

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (above left with Madison on right)
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Photos:YouTube\Wikimedia Commons

During an interview on SiriusXM Urban View’s Joe Madison The Black Eagle, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (above left with Madison on right) predicted that the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act will eventually pass in Congress:

"The best way to break your silence, good people, is to vote. We've got to vote. It's one thing for us to pass the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act, which I think we are going to do, but even when we do that, it's going to be hard to get Black people to vote...people need to start voting and stop talking. Stop talking and vote."

Rep. Clyburn also responded to Rep. Paul Gosar’s anime-style video attacking Rep. Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez and President Biden, and said he equates former President Trump to the former Prime Minister of Italy, Mussolini. Additionally, he told Madison to “stop listening" to people who expect bipartisanship:

"How are you going to let this country come down over one guy [Trump] who is mentally challenged? And everybody knows that. And if you don't think they'd tolerate it in the Presidency, and now they're talking about [Rep. Paul] Gosar...they're tolerant of it in him. This guy is mimicking murdering someone on the floor of the House of Representatives, threatening the President of the United States, and they don't say a word about it."

"For people to tell me, we shouldn't pass [the Build Back Better Act] unless it's bipartisan, well, let me tell you something: the 15th Amendment of the United States Constitution, that gave the newly freed slaves the right to vote, was not bipartisan. It was a single party vote that gave me the right to vote. And so I want your listeners to stop listening to these people. And look at the history. Look at what built up to this."

Listen to James Clyburn interview on SiriusXM Urban View's Joe Madison The Black Eagle. The Joe Madison show can be heard weekdays from 6-10 AM on Urban View Channel 126.

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