Dear America: Why Trump's Fascism Must Be Stopped

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The conventions are over. The VPs have been chosen. And after Labor Day, the general election will officially begin. But this political season is unlike any other election any of us have witnessed before. Because this election is not a choice between a Democrat and a Republican, it is between democracy and fascism.

Fascism? Isn't that a little overstated? Trump may be a lot of things, but he is not a Nazi, is he? According to political science professor Alan S. Chartock, Trump is another Hitler in the making.

Lets look up the word fascism. The dictionary defines fascism as an ideology with components of "radical authoritarian nationalism."

Like Adolf Hitler, Trump has an unequivocal hatred for African-Americans, Latinos and any other race other than his own. Like Hitler hated Jews, Trump hates Muslims. That is why he cannot distinguish between the ragtags in ISIS and the 1.7 billion people who represent 23% of the entire global population.

In fact, as 2016 unfolded, the parallels between Hitler and Trump continue to become increasingly clear. The lowest-common-denominator slogans of hatred, the placing of economic blame on ethnic minorities instead of the ruling class who run Washington (and that he as been apart of for over 35 years).

Just like Hitler, Trump uses his (manufactured-by-cable-network-news) political pulpit to sow seeds of hatred and division between the American people. Their solution to the nation's problems are exactly the same: stoke hatred in the population and let them tear each other apart.

Hitler's and Trump's campaign rallies similarly spark violence, spectacles of idiocy and flat out lies run rampant.

To demonstrate just how much damage Trump, like Hitler, has inflicted on the American body politic, just recall that four years ago, when Texas Governor Rick Perry ran for president, he forgot the names of the federal agencies he wished to dissolve and was forever discredited as a serious candidate.

So too did Hitler's run for Prime Minister of Germany in 1932, like Trump, poison traditional democratic decorum, leaving nothing but scorched earth in its wake. Here in each instance a racist and hatemonger rose as a major political figure.

Yet, unlike 1932, the history of 2016 has not been written and we can still do something about it.

It is time for America, particularly members of the GOP, to get off the couch and stand up and choke this evil in the cradle before it causes any more damage then it already has. I'm calling out GOP Ohio Governor John Kasich most notably. For he has not endorsed Trump, did not attend the disastrous GOP convention in his home state nor is allowing Trump use his party machine to win Ohio. But he needs to go one step further and endorse and campaign for Hillary Clinton before election day.

Other members of the GOP like Mitt Romney, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, Bill Cohen, and even GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan need do the same. If Ryan continues to ride the weasel train, -trying to have it both ways- while a fascist highjacks the Grand Old Party under the euphemism "Alt-Right," then you too will be washed out to sea with he rest of these perverted bigots and the depraved twisted cause.

Make America Great Again? How? I don't know. Restore the middle class? How? I don't know. None of it means anything.

And for all the imbeciles on both the left and the right who plan to vote third party, don't. 2016 is not that kind of election. Forget Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, listen real carefully to them and you will quickly realize neither of them are serious about winning or governing, its just a cash cow to ride on until November that fuels their narcissistic impulses.

It is time America, all of America to make a choice and stomp Trump into the ground. Trump campaign offices around the country needs around the clock protests, spray with graffiti and yes, windows must be broken- even at the ultimate eyesore Trump Tower in NYC, the epicenter of the evil.

What we all do- from the college student in the Midwest to the Wall St. CEO- history will dully note our involvement in 2016. And just like all the citizens of Germany in the 1930's, just which side to you want to be on?

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