Donald Trump's Phantom Black "Outreach"

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Donald Trump is finally “reaching out” to African Americans and Hispanics urging them to vote for him.
After painting a bleak picture of black life in American cities which he likened to war zones racked by poverty, violence and killings, he tells African Americans “What do you have to lose?"
Part of Trump's solution to these problems would be more power to the Police and he tells African Americans to respect them. This “outreach” speech was not delivered to a Black audience, church or civic organization, but at a rally of what is now familiar all-White audience.
David Duke the former KKK grand wizard who is now running for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana as a White nationalist was one of the earliest supporters of Donald Trump. He told White voters that not voting for Trump is a “treason to White heritage”.
Another strong Trump supporter is the volatile Republican governor Paul LePage of Maine.
The Donald applauds the governor for the good job he is doing in his state. LePage recently made the unsubstantiated allegation that 90% of the drug trafficking in his state is done by Blacks and Hispanics. According to the US census bureau, the two groups account for barely 3% of the population. LePage says “the enemy right now is people of color and people of Hispanic origin and you shoot at the enemy."
If that incendiary statement is not incitement to violence and vigilantism I don’t know what is. Is this a call for ethnic cleansing to "purify" the state of Maine? I wonder.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona who gained national prominence and became a hero of the extreme right for his racial profiling and mistreatment of Hispanics in his state is another strong supporter of Trump.
Stephen Bauman, the latest in a series of ethically challenged campaign managers for Trump, is quoted by his ex-wife as saying that he did not want his children to go to school with Jewish kids, according to court papers obtained by Buzz Feed.
Donald Trump is reshaping the republican party in his image with the support of what have hitherto been fringe extremist groups, some of them making the Southern Poverty Law Center list of Who is Who among the hate groups in the US.
The party of Lincoln is now home to White nationalists, former Klansmen, White Supremacists, Birthers, Birchers, nativists, extremist Evangelicals and a hodge podge of haters of everything that is not White or American as they define it.
They share the common denominator of a srong anti-immigrant position, opposition to multiculturalism and a return to “White Anglo Saxon Christian roots and values” of the nation.
There are of course some establishment Republicans who are enablers of Trump. The governor of New Jersey Chris
Christie and former mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani have become his lapdogs, kowtowing to the whims of the narcissistic would-be-president.
Surrounded by these core supporters, Donald Trump will make a pitch for African American votes in his bid for the presidency when he appears at a Great Faith Ministries Church in Detroit tomorrow.
He will no doubt be accompanied by a smattering of Black faces in his entourage. I would not be surprised if the good doctor Ben Carson dutifully stands by him.
That as I see it is the sum total of Donald Trump’s outreach to minority voters; all flash no substance.

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