Forget Pundits -- Trump's The GOP Chickens Coming Home to Roost

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Trump's the GOP nominee columnist says

[Elections 2016]

For the last eight months, the TV people and the professional Washington pundit-ocrity, like the New York Times' David Brooks and other corporate stooges like him- week after week- have been talking about how Donald Trump will soon implode in a tidal wave of his own bloated stupidity.

Eight long months have gone by and still the corporate cultural gatekeepers say to put a fork in Trump, he is done.

Yet, he we are just days from the GOP's multi-state "Toothless Tuesday" primary and already- let me be the first to say it since corporate journalists have to tow the GOP's corporate line despite how much they look like North Korean propaganda puppets- Donald J. Trumpf (yes, that is the Don's real original family last name) is already the 2016 GOP presidential nominee.

All other spin you hear on TV - that either "Ted" Cruz or Marco Rubio, depending on who comes in 2nd place in the next primary, will take Trump down- just like the last eight months- is nothing but GOP talking point drool.

The race is over and Trump won.

There is not one poll anywhere in any state that does not have Trump in a commanding lead. But all the TV people talk about is,  "when will Trump fall?" and "by who's hand?"

Sure the GOP's party elites are pulling their hair out and their echo chamber in the media constantly reflects the GOP's conventional wisdom that Trump will magically collapse "at some point" like the conquering Martians from HG Wells' sci-fi classic War of the Worlds.

But instead of Wells, the GOP should be reading Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.

Since 1968, the GOP has been stoking the fire of race in very cleverly coded language, carefully designed to bring out the worst in America and win them elections based on another corporate euphemism: "wedge issues."

Whether its Nixion's 1968 "silent majority,"  or Reagan's stand in 1980 against "Welfare Queens,"  the GOP has been peddling racially divisive rhetoric and policy for decades. In 2008, the GOP had begun to show signs of becoming unglued when they starting yelling "kill him" at a Palin rally, when running against Barack Obama.

After that humiliating defeat, the GOP's bizarre afro-turf "Tea Party movement" funneled their racist impulses into a new wine skin so as not to blow black at them in the next general election cycle.

But the virus the GOP created has now engulfed the entire party and has smashed any pretense of national civility. The GOP's house is on fire and all their establishment candidates like Jeb Bush have been lynched in the streets by the mob of racists and swamp scum that the GOP has been cultivating for decades.

 The canary in the coal mine for the GOP came in the 2012 South Carolina primary, when Newt Gingrich trounced Willard Romney 40% to 27%. Gingrich rose to the top of the heap with - just like Trump- a pseudo-masculine swag, continually insulting reporters and scratching the establishment candidate's eyes out.  "Let’s be candid, the only reason you didn’t become a career politician is you lost to Teddy Kennedy in 1994," Gingrich said to Romney's face. Zing! Sound familiar? But Gingrich also campaigned on "English only" public schools and government automated phone assistance. Which in hindsight, is almost milquetoast compared to Trump's unhinged hate speech. Now, instead of covert racism, the GOP's mob of racist evangelicals and Klansmen have overrun their party elites, craving overt red-meat racism that will ultimately tear the GOP apart by November. Why? Because, even as insulated from reality as the GOP is, the party's "thinkers" see the writing on the wall. They better than anyone can read the polls and realize that Trump's confederacy of dunces can only grow so much and at the end of the day, will push independent voters to vote for the Democratic party nomine on election day in November. Let's just be real. Trump is no conservative. He is insane and a sadist. He picks fights with anyone who gets in his way; Pope Francis, FOX NEWS, TELMUNDO, CNN, Bush, Rubio, whoever. His racist "giant wall'  and other crazy plans paralleled with his temperamental free candidacy, flat out lies and his strikingly un-presidential, derogatory language (Trump recently called Cruz a "pussy") would certainly find its groove in a GOP primary battle. But put Trump in a general election with Clinton or even Sanders and he will be lucky to win one state's electoral college delegates. That is why the GOP keeps propagating through their corporate news puppets across the cable news landscape, that somebody will soon take Trump down. But the GOP, just like FOX NEWS, lives in it's own bubble of un-reality. There is no one that will take Trump down. Not Rubio or Cruz, not Limbaugh or the Bush family. Nobody. That is what keeps the GOP establishment up at night. Trump's radioactive 2016 presidential run is not just going to hand the GOP a third presidential defeat in a row. It will destroy the entire party for decades to come. The GOP does have one ace in the hole. Choosing Trump's vice president. And just like in 1980, when Reagan wiped the floor with establishment party candidate Bush during the primaries, they will force Trump to choose a Bush to be on the bottom of the 2016 ticket. And nine weeks after Reagan was sworn in as President on March 30, 1981, we all know what happened next. 

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