M4BL WFP & United We Dream Action Launch “The Frontline”

Black People Voting
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[“The Frontline”]
Greisa Martinez Rosas: “We know Trump and Republicans will not hesitate to use their powers to keep people of color from the ballot box and this is where The Frontline shows up."
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Monday, the Movement For Black Lives’ Electoral Justice Project, Working Families and United We Dream Action launched “The Frontline”, their united electoral campaign with the goal of organizing 250,000 voters, volunteers and poll workers this fall - and beyond.

This multiracial effort will be focused on beating Trump and holding new leaders accountable to the people. The Frontline builds upon the momentum and energy of millions of people protesting for racial justice and calling for a radical change to our democracy.

“Today, the Working Families Party is joining our brothers and sisters to create a multiracial united front against authoritarianism,” said Maurice Mitchell, National Director of the Working Families Party. “While millions face deportation, eviction, and hunger, those in power aren’t doing a thing to stop it. Instead, they have chosen to undermine our elections and democracy and enrich themselves. We know neither voting or protests alone will get us free, but the popular will is there. We can beat Trumpism, protect our communities and demand that our government is accountable to the people.”

With 200,000 people in America who have died from COVID-19 and alarming levels of unemployment nationwide, the moment to take action to protect our future could not be greater. The current president, whose job is to serve all people, has repeatedly demonstrated to us that he does not care about our health or safety, and we stand alone in this crisis.

In response, The Frontline aims to do the following:

  • Engage and educate voters on how to ensure their vote is counted
  • Train and develop new activists to organize and build power in their communities
  • Turnout thousands of voters to the ballot box this election season

“Black and brown people have dealt with the brunt of Trump’s attacks - and our people have suffered because of systemic racial injustices that have existed in this country since its founding,” said Greisa Martinez Rosas, Executive Director of United We Dream Action. “We know Trump and Republicans will not hesitate to use their powers to keep people of color from the ballot box and this is where The Frontline shows up. For Black and brown communities, we know that no one person, Party, President or election will save us. But together, we can harness the energy and power of our people heading into the election to shape the future and receive the government we need and deserve.”

“Black electoral work isn’t just about candidates but about the work Black people do every single day to build power in their communities to achieve liberation in this lifetime,” said Jessica Byrd, Co-founder of the Movement For Black Lives Electoral Justice Project. “We intend to build a multiracial coalition to defend our people at the ballot box and beyond. We know what we need to fight and defend our votes. I’m proud to invite our friends, families, neighbors, and communities to be heard and achieve victory in November and beyond. We are not going anywhere.”

The Frontline is a powerful coming together of people across differences to meet this generational challenge. We’re going to defeat white nationalism, protect our democracy, and demand that those in power advance a people’s agenda.

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