Mr. Morial, You Know Hillary Ain't Shirley Chisholm

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Marc Morial


Mr. Marc Morial knows full well that there is no connection between Shirley Chisholm and Hillary Clinton. He is attempting to confuse the Black voter by associating two people who have nothing in common other than they are both women.

One of these women was an activist for civil rights and the other has obstructed the quest for freedom by Black Americans. Hillary and her husband are enemies of the poor Black people at home and abroad. If we look at their actions in Rwanda, Haiti and the United States it is impossible to associate either of them with Shirley Chisholm.

Mr. Morial is cynically making a false comparison in order to gain Black votes for the Democratic presidential candidate.  This is a sneaky underhanded move.

The National Urban League is a group of bourgeois Blacks who peddle false optimism and hopes to the downtrodden. 

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