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[Voting Rights News]
Newly launched voter modernization advocacy group Secure Elections for America Now (SEAN) pledges to fight to "ensure election integrity."
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Secure Elections for America Now (SEAN) has just launched as a new unifying voice in the voting rights community.

The SEAN organization is a pro bono coalition comprised of experts in the elections field, dedicated to passing election modernization reforms that secure American elections without every infringing on an eligible voter’s right to vote.

SEAN will be led by Executive Director Allison Javery, Senior Advisor Brad Bauman, and an advisory board. Members of the board include Co-Founder of Data for Progress Sean McElwee, former Virginia Commissioner of Elections and ERIC Chairman Edgardo Cortez, Executive Director and Founder of the Center for Election Innovation & Research David Becker, Director of Issue Campaigns at the Alliance for Youth Organizing Gary Decker, and voting technology expert Monica Childers.

“I’m enthralled that we are able to bring together so many prominent members of the voting rights community for SEAN to represent the cornerstone of our American values: democracy,” said Allison Javery. “Our wonderful team of experts are from academia, security, policy, administration and advocacy fields and will serve as a sounding board to help decypher voter legislation moving through state houses while making sense of the complicated intricacies of how our American democracy is implemented across the Nation.”

SEAN will be working with on-the-ground organizations across the nation to educate citizens and elected official around election security issues and ways they can make small changes to ensure election integrity is defended, that voter rolls are clean and up-to-date, data is free from errors, that American voter laws are not manipulated for political gain, and that accessibility for eligible Americans is maintained.

For more information about SEAN, please visit their website at

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