New York Nurses' Association and allies will meet to Map Sanders Victory

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As the New York State Nurses' Association ups its get-out-the vote drive for Bernie Sanders in New York's April 19 primary, the union sent an e-mail message to its 37,000 members reminding them of the distinction between the candidates.

"As NYSNA members we...have a longstanding, commitment to a Single Payer, Medicare for All healthcare system. Senator Bernie Sanders is right there with us. He is unwavering in his commitment to patients over profits," read the e-mail message from the NYNA Board of Directors.

The union is holding an organizational meeting April 11 with other labor groups to actively work how to get insurgent candidate Sanders over the finish line first.

Pressure is mounting on Hillary Clinton following Sanders 56% to 43% win in Wisconsin, his seventh straight win.

Sanders has predicted that his momentum would carry him to victories in New York as well.  He trailed Clinton by over 20 points in January but he's sliced the lead to 10 points with 10 days to go.

The union endorsed Vermont Senator Sanders in March.

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